10 Latina Entrepreneurs You Should Know

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10 Latina Entrepreneurs You Should Know

Let's celebrate Latina entrepreneurs! September 15- October 15 is recognized and celebrated as Hispanic Heritage Month. This observation starte

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Let’s celebrate Latina entrepreneurs!

September 15- October 15 is recognized and celebrated as Hispanic Heritage Month.

This observation started as Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968 but became law as a month-long celebration in 1988.

This month, the nation celebrates the achievements and culture of Hispanic and Latino Americans. 

We will spotlight Hispanic or Latina entrepreneurs to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

There are currently two million Latina-owned businesses in the United States. Here are 10 Latina entrepreneurs you should check out. 

Adriana Isabel Robinson Rivera, founder of Reina Skincare

Adriana, born in Panama and raised in Florida, is a Latina entrepreneur passionate about skincare. She is one of the many Latina entrepreneurs in the skincare industry.

Adriana founded Reina Skincare. a luxury brand that offers skincare products made with natural ingredients.

Her skincare brand was born out of necessity. According to Pop Sugar, Adriana suffered from various skincare issues like hives. She also realized that the skincare products she purchased weren’t working for her either. 

After using natural ingredients instead, Adriana noticed a difference, and Reina Skincare was born. 

Woman doing skincare

Bianca Kea, founder of Yo Soy Afro Latina

Bianca Kea did not grow up seeing many Afro-Latinas in the mainstream media. After a trip to Mexico and seeing other people who looked like her, she felt seen. Since then, she has been eager to learn about the Black diaspora within the Latin American community.

Eventually, Bianca created her apparel brand Yo Soy Afro Latina to empower Black women within the Latin community.

mugs from Bianca Kea, one of the Latina entrepreneurs featured
Mugs from Yo Soy Afro Latina

Giovanna “Gigi” Gonzalez, Founder of Gigi the First-Gen Mentor 

Gigi, a first-generation Latina, is on a mission to help other first-generation Latinas navigate the workplace and financial education. 

Even though she currently has a BA in Economics and a certificate in investment performance measurement, she remembers having difficulty in certain spaces because she was the first person in her family to navigate these spaces. 

Gigi, now the founder of Gigi the First-Gen Mentor, is a speaker, money coach, and mentor. She also has a finance course to get people started on their financial literacy journey.

Adrienne Houghton, founder of La Voute and XIXI

Adrienne Houghton is the daughter of a Puerto Rican mother and an Ecuadorian father. You may have seen her on TV either as a singer, a talk show host, or acting in a movie or TV show. 

Not only is Adrienne a singer and actress, but she also owns two companies. She combined her love for fashion and jewelry to create La Voute (loungewear, suits, and handbag company) and XIXI (her jewelry line).

Adrienne is also a content creator and has a YouTube channel called Love Always, Adrienne. 

adrienne houghton one of the latina entrepreneurs highlighted
Adrienne Houghton Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Ramona Ortega, founder of WealthBuild 

Ramona, also known as the Dinero Diva, is the proud founder of WealthBuild. WealthBuild is an AI-powered financial assistant. People can use WealthBuild to make smarter financial decisions and build wealth. 

Ramona also founded Mi Dinero Mi Futuro, aka My Money My Future. In this venture, she provided personalized financial advice for millennials of color, and her goal is to close the racial wealth gap in the US.

Ramona has quite a bit of accolades. For example, NYC FinTech Women named Ramona an Inspiring FinTech Female. She was also named Crain’s Business Most Notable Women in Financial Advice in 2020

Julissa Bermúdez, founder of república skin

Julissa, born in the Dominican Republic, has graced our television screens for years. You may have recognized her as the host of 106 n Park or in movies such as Make it Happen. 

Julissa is now the founder of república skin, a natural skincare brand. This brand, which embraces her Caribbean roots, was formed after Julissa could not find the perfect body treatment in stores. 

This natural skincare line features a sugar body polish made with sugar cane, macadamia oil, and squalene. This product comes in a BPA-free recycled jar with a bamboo lid and spoon.

Paula Garcés and Julissa Bermudez at the Paper Magazine Beautiful People Absolut Wild Tea and Paper Party at Hudson, New York City in March 2011. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Carolina Contreras, Founder of Miss Rizos

Carolina Contreras is from the Dominican Republic and owns Miss Rizos Salon, the first all-natural hair salon in the DR specializing in curls over a decade ago. 

She also opened a second branch in New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood, where many Dominicans live. 

You can also purchase curly, girl-friendly products from her website. 

Outside her salon, she does advocacy work and empowers young women to love their curls. 

Carolina was given an honorable mention from the Global Pluralism Award committee. 

According to the Global Pluralism Award website, “The organization has also trained Peace Corps volunteers to teach a Miss Rizos-based curriculum of self-empowerment, identity and constitutional rights in workshops across the DR to empower women and girls to challenge anti-Black discrimination by standing up against those who perpetuate harmful prejudice against curly hair.”

Woman with curly hair

Massiel “Massy” Indhira Arias, Personal Trainer

Massy Arias is a personal trainer born in the Dominican Republic but currently works and lives in Los Angeles. 

Massy aims to keep workouts fun and fresh and uses fitness as a vehicle for something other than losing weight. 

She wants people to know that working out can transform lives, improve physical limitations, and create longevity and bliss.

You can join her programs on her website no matter where you are. 

Massy can be seen in CNN Latino, HuffPost, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and many more publications. 

woman exercising

Dalina Soto, MA, RD, Founder of Your Latina Nutritionist

Dalina, the founder of Your Latina Nutritionist, is a registered dietician and positive health advocate. She got her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences from Penn State University, then went to Immaculata University to complete her Dietetic Internship and Master’s Degree in Nutrition Education.

She believes diets keep people isolated and hungry. It’s no surprise she is known as the anti-diet dietician. 

She chose this career field because she loves food. 

You can work with her if you’re living in select states, and she can help you get healthier and happier. 

Veronica Garza, Co-Founder of Siete Foods

Veronica is the co-founder and president of Siete Foods. She’s one of many Latina entrepreneurs in the food industry.

She and her family learned how food can heal after being diagnosed with debilitating autoimmune diseases as a teenager. 

Veronica and her family did not want to keep their Mexican American food to themselves and decided to spread their delicious food to the general public. 

According to the Siete Foods website, “Siete Family Foods is a mission-based company, and we’re passionate about making and sharing real food, gathering together in authentic community, and advocating for healthier lifestyles among Latino families.”

You can order their merch and food products online or visit a restaurant near you. 

Next Steps 

We hope you checked out the Hispanic or Latina entrepreneurs we spotlighted. You can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in many ways, and one of our favorite ways is to highlight and support Hispanic businesses. 

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems Hispanic businesses face is getting access to capital. If that is one of your main pain points, we recommend the Getting Grants with Ease Masterclass and Cheatsheet. If you need help finding grants, we recommend subscribing to our grant tracker. 


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