12 FAQs About She Boss Talk and How We Can Help

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12 FAQs About She Boss Talk and How We Can Help

If you've been following She Boss Talk for some time, chances are you're a woman in business looking to reach even higher heights of success. She Bos

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If you’ve been following She Boss Talk for some time, chances are you’re a woman in business looking to reach even higher heights of success. She Boss Talk is here to help you succeed in your business by providing resources. However, occasionally, we get questions from our community because they aren’t sure how we can help. Here are twelve frequently asked questions to help you understand our company better and get you involved with our mission.

What is She Boss Talk, and what services does it offer?

She Boss Talk is part of She Epic Media, a broadcast media company with a live show, podcast, and blog. We raise the brand awareness of women in business to amplify their impact.

Our mission is to spotlight She Bosses worldwide to help them take center stage and amplify their voices and brand awareness by sharing their stories.

We offer:

  • Membership communities on YouTube and Facebook 
  • Opportunities to promote your business and your brand on our platforms
  • One on one pick my brain sessions 
  • Grant opportunities
  • Opportunities to be an affiliate marketer 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Resources to fund and market your business

Be sure to check out our blog post, 9 Ways She Boss Talk Can Support Your Small Businessto get the details on how our services can help your business. 

How can I participate in She Boss Talk events and discussions?

If you want to participate in She Boss Talk events, all you have to do is click the link we provide and sign up. Please keep your eyes on our social media accounts and email for opportunities to participate in our events.

We usually facilitate discussions on YouTube and Facebook; just follow or subscribe to our pages and let us know your thoughts. We always want to hear from you. 

Do you provide mentorship or coaching for women entrepreneurs?

Yes, we do; besides our “Pick My Brain” session with Shanté R. Roddy, you can join our Facebook community for group mentorship. You can access our CEO and other members for mentorship and guidance to help you succeed in your business. You have a community to help you overcome challenges, celebrate achievements, and hold you accountable to do the work necessary to accomplish your goals.

In addition, you can check out our mentorship resources:

What is the She Boss Up Grant program, and how can I apply?

The She Boss Up Grant Program is an annual program offered by She Boss Talk and made possible by our excellent partners. Each year, we aim to make the program bigger and better. 

We have previously offered cash grants of up to $2500 to 20 She Bosses just like you. In addition to cash grants through our partners, we provided several prizes valued at over $60,000. 

To apply to our grant program, stay tuned to our social media platforms and email list for the link. The grant usually opens in the last quarter.

We also offer other grants throughout the year, so stay tuned for that. 

Can I share my success story on She Boss Talk’s platform?


We love it when our audience shares their success story with us.

There are several ways you can share your success story with us. You can submit a guest blog or come on our show. 

We also regularly ask our audience to share their wins on our Facebook page. If you’re shy, you can build your confidence by sharing your wins there. 

Is She Boss Talk a membership-based community?

She Boss Talk is not a member-based community, but we have a member-based community called She Boss Tribe. 

How can I become a featured guest on the She Boss Talk podcast?

Becoming a featured guest on the She Boss Talk podcast is easy! 

All you have to do is submit your name and email on the signup page, and we’ll be in touch. 

What topics are typically covered in She Boss Talk’s blog, She Speaks Her Mind?

Our blog gives free insight to small business owners about topics they are interested in and need information about.

On our blog, we primarily cover:

We also publish our guest blogs there. 

Is there a fee for attending She Boss Talk events or webinars?

Yes, there is usually a nominal fee for attending She Boss Talk events and webinars.

However, we offer free shows every week on our YouTube channel. 

Do you offer resources for women looking to start their own businesses?

Yes, we have resources for women looking to start their businesses. You can download The Roadmap To Success Business Plan Template and The Business Startup Budget Calculator from our Payhip store.

We also have a resource page on our website to help any business owner, regardless of where they are on their business journey. 

Are there any networking opportunities through She Boss Talk?

Yes, there are tons of networking opportunities through She Boss Talk.

We have hosted Women of Influence networking events where like-minded She Bosses would come together to share their expertise and network. 

You can also network in our Facebook community, She Boss Tribe, with other small business owners with big goals.

Finally, you can network with the other She Bosses on our Facebook page, Clubhouse, or YouTube. 

Where can I find grants?

We know our community is eager to win grants. That’s why we have a ton of grant resources just for you.

You can find grants by subscribing to our grant tracker. Everyone who signs up for our grant tracker gets a monthly email with grants and tips. We include state grants, national grants, international grants, and grants for nonprofits. 

You can also increase your chances of winning grants by checking out:

Next Steps

We hope we cleared up many of your questions. If you don’t see a question you need answered, leave it in the comments below, and we’ll answer them. 


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