20 Ways We Helped Small Businesses in 2021

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20 Ways We Helped Small Businesses in 2021

She Boss Talk is here to help women who own small businesses amplify their impact, income, and their voices. That is the motivation behind the conten

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She Boss Talk is here to help women who own small businesses amplify their impact, income, and their voices. That is the motivation behind the content, products, and services that we provide. We love serving you! 

Here are 20 ways we helped small businesses in 2021.

How We Helped to Provide Funding for Small Business Owners

One of the main reasons why businesses fail is due to a lack of capital. In order to help small business owners get funding, we provided funding to help small business owners 

2021 was the perfect year to ramp up our efforts. We know that small businesses were hit hard by COVID-19 and so we needed to do more to help. 

In 2021, we provided funding to small business owners by: 

  1. Giving over $20,000 to small businesses through our contests, giveaways, grants & pitches. 
  2. Launching She Boss Up Grant applications and awarding 10 women business owners up to $2,500.
  1. Launching and hosting the Black History Month Pitch Competition in February. 
  2. Helping over 40 business owners get access to same-day capital totaling over $300,000 in funding.
  3. Lending funds to 25 women entrepreneurs on the Kiva which is a crowdfunding platform.
  4. Helping over 2,000 business owners access more than $30 million in COVID-19 relief funding and grants 

Ways We Provided Knowledge to Level Up Income for Small Business Owners

There is so much money out there waiting for small business owners. However, they may not know how to go about getting it. This year, we hosted several live masterclasses and offered their recording on-demand in our Payhip store. 

Here’s a glance at what we did this year:

  1. Held the live Win Grants With Ease Masterclass and offered on-demand so small business owners can increase their chances of winning a grant. 
  2. Hosted the live MBE Certification Masterclass with Karwanna D. We also offered the masterclass on demand to help small business owners get government contracts and increase their income.
  3. Hosted live YouTube Creator Masterclass & offered on demand. This masterclass was geared at helping entrepreneurs create multiple streams of income on YouTube as well as building their tribe. 

How We Helped Small Businesses Increase Their Visibility

Visibility is important for all businesses. However, small businesses often don’t have a large marketing and advertising budget to get their business in front of more people. If people don’t know their awesome products and services exist, they won’t get the sales they deserve.  

That’s why we’ve made sure to help small businesses increase their visibility in an affordable and beneficial way. We

  1. Published and promoted the 2nd Holiday Shopping Guide featuring 30 women business owners. We exposed them to over 300,000 new people resulting in new leads, website visits, social media follows, as well as new customers.
  2. Launched Black History Month & Black Entrepreneur Month business features to increase the visibility of Black businesses. 
  1. Featured over 300 women on our platform which generated quality leads, clients, and partnerships. Here are some of the ways we featured women this year:

Other Ways We Equipped Small Business Owners With What They Needed

Of course, there are other ways we helped small businesses this year. 


  1. Co-hosted Small Business Saturday Event for local business owners and provided a grant. 
  1. Spoke on over 10 platforms to over 30,000 entrepreneurs and business owners on business building, profit-generating, and free money topics 
  2. Featured keynote speaker teaching over 1,000 agents how to attract clients online 
  3. Helped connect 500,000 business owners to COVID-19 recovery education, resources, and information through our platform
  4. Provided one-on-one consults to 100 business owners. 
  5. Helped over 70 people become independent agents in the small business funding space and build their agencies.
  6. Published over 40 blogs to help small business owners with grants, marketing, business growth and keep up with what we’re doing. In addition to that, our guest blog applications are always open for women entrepreneurs to tell us about their journey and their takeaways. 
  7. Uploaded over 100+ videos on YouTube to provide funding updates, feature women entrepreneurs, and provide insight.

What You Can Expect From Us in 2022

We have so much in store for small business owners in 2022. Here is what we have coming up: 

  • Launch of YouTube Membership Program to provide more help to our community.
  • Black History Month Shopping Guide & Business Pitch Competition to increase visibility and income for Black businesses.
  • Launch of She Boss Pages Directory to increase visibility for women-owned businesses. 
  • Launch She Pitch Perfect Competition to provide funding to deserving business owners.
  • She Boss Up Grants 3rd Round Applications to provide grants to women-owned businesses. 
  • More advertising opportunities 
  • New live shows featuring amazing women in business
  • More contests and giveaways 
  • More classes and products to help businesses build wealth

Thank you for sticking with us in 2021 and we are looking forward to helping small businesses in 2022.


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    Great resources

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    Joyce Cheng 2 years ago

    I wish I could read this article earlier when I was the small business owner. Very insightful. 

  • comment-avatar
    Audrey 2 years ago

    Such great resources. Always wanted to know what there is to do to help grow a small business. 

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    Bernadette Moland 2 years ago

    Sacrifice for Change
    I ask myself, what is a sacrifice?
    According to the New World Dictionary, it is an act of offering an object for another resolution. (Paraphrased).
    What will I do with it?
    I will make this sacrifice of the working out of an old ideal for a new change that God is doing within me.
    What does it feel like?
    The emotional pain I am feeling right now of no longer investing the time in the old object or idea is causing some discomfort because to do all I can to complete the task at hand is what makes me feel grand.
    What am I looking at?
    I have been looking at an old season and God is taking me into a new season.
    How shall I look to the new direction that God has called me to?
    I will keep my eyes on the promises set before me and release the old. I will go into the new direction for my business and know that as I trust and believe it is the Lord who will see me through. For it is He, who has already been there and knows His plans for me.
    Lord God, ready my heart to go into the new direction of my season. And as I do, may your Shalom Peace (wellness and wholeness) that surpasses all understanding dwell within me richly.
    I gladly and cheerfully give up the old and welcome the new.
    By: Bernadette Moland
    Grace Associates