20+ Ways We Supported Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs in 2023

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20+ Ways We Supported Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs in 2023

Every year, we are intentional in the ways we help small women-owned businesses. We helped women get funding, increased their visibility and impact,

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Every year, we are intentional in the ways we help small women-owned businesses. We helped women get funding, increased their visibility and impact, and provided valuable resources. Here are over 20 ways we helped small businesses in 2023. But first, here is what you can expect from us in 2024. 

What You Can Expect in 2024

You can expect many exciting opportunities from us in 2024, such as: 

  • Ghana Trip– We are hosting a business and cultural called Ghana Experience: Women’s Business & Cultural Retreat. This retreat is designed for women ready to explore, learn, and thrive in a vibrant and inspiring environment.
  • The Bankable Business Mastermind– Our students will learn key strategies to access the capital they need for business management and growth. 
  • She Boss Directory- We will help small business owners increase their visibility by listing them in an online directory. An online directory works just like a physical one. People looking for a product or service can browse the directory, come across your business, and reach out. Stay tuned to our social media and watch your email because we incentivize small business owners like you to test out our directory.
  • She Boss Box- We will launch a biannual gift box targeting women entrepreneurs and business owners. The gift box will feature products from women entrepreneurs and business owners. We are interested in partnering with you to feature your products. We’ll be sending our invites for partnership, so stay tuned. 
  • She Epic Media– We will introduce a new branch to our business called She Epic Media. We’ll offer branding and website design services to support women business owners in building their brand equity. You can expect:
    • One Page Websites – free hosting
    • Google Business Profile Setup and Maintenance
  • She Got The Tees- We are rebranding and relaunching our t-shirts so you can look great in motivational tees. 

We can also help you increase your visibility, influence, and brand awareness with our evergreen offerings and services. Read our 9 Ways She Boss Talk Can Support Your Small Business blog post to learn more. 


We are passionate about funding small businesses. Here is how we helped small businesses get the capital in 2023.

  • Helped 159 people get 4.3 million dollars in ERC (Employee Retention Credit).
  • Helped small businesses secure $108,204 in working capital.
  • Assisted 5 women-owned businesses with creating successful Kiva campaigns that were fully funded.
  • Hosted the Black History Month Pitch Competition in February and awarded $2,500 in microgrants to 5 entrepreneurs.
  • Awarded over $60,000 to 20 grant winners.
  • Wrote 5 blog posts with information and resources to help small business owners get funding.
  • Updated our grant database monthly, which included other funding opportunities and accelerators, and provided 24/7 access to our customers. 
  • Lent $760 on Kiva to several primarily women-owned businesses worldwide.

Global Education and Awareness Tour

We traveled worldwide and nationwide, gathering knowledge, making connections, and working on investments. Here are some places we went to in 2023. 

  • Traveled to Ghana in February to make connections, research business, and explore investment opportunities.
  • Supported The Liberia Economic Development Initiative (LEDI) and attended their annual gala aimed at helping Liberia to build its first library. 
  • Provided accommodations and tickets for InvestFest for some of our community members. 
  • Attended InvestFest in Atlanta and provided accommodations and tickets for InvestFest for some of our community members. 
  • Participated in the NASPRO Conference in Philadelphia and Virginia Beach as a sponsor and speaker. 
  • Traveled to Dubai as a business and cultural retreat.
  • Took a trip to Detroit to make connections and research business and investment opportunities.

Community Support and Opportunities 

We are always excited to help small business owners increase their visibility, share their expertise, and increase their brand awareness. Here are some ways we helped our community do just that in 2023. 


We believe knowledge is power, so we provide essential information to our community through various mediums. Here are some of the ways we spread knowledge to our audience in 2023.

  • Published over 40 blogs with actionable tips focused on marketing, funding, business growth, and more. 
  • Sent over 100 emails to our family of subscribers to benefit them in the areas of sales, marketing, funding and so much more. We also shared various opportunities and received great feedback. 
  • Published over 50 educational YouTube videos to provide funding updates, feature women entrepreneurs, and provide business growth and wealth-building strategies. Our videos are available 24/7, 365 days a year for you. 
  • Hosted a Student Loan Forgiveness Workshop to help the millions of student loan borrowers understand the new programs and get relief from their student loans. This resulted in people following the instructions given and receiving forgiveness.
  • Hosted a week-long Turn Your Content into Cash Facebook challenge and published an ebook. This was essential in helping our audience create and share content that would help them attract new audiences, engage with existing audiences, and make more money.
  • Hosted an interactive Healthcare Workshop for Entrepreneurs to educate and inform them on their healthcare options under David Allen Capital (DAC); make healthcare decisions during open enrollment that ends in January 2024.
  • Published the Increase Your Business Bankability Ebook to help entrepreneurs get funding for their businesses.

Next Steps

We look forward to serving you in 2024. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for exciting news, updates, and opportunities. Let’s make 2024 your year!


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