4 Ways To Level Up Your Income with Juliet Tang

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4 Ways To Level Up Your Income with Juliet Tang

Everyone wants to level up their income. However, for many entrepreneurs, leveling up your income may not be that simple. Whether you're just startin

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Everyone wants to level up their income. However, for many entrepreneurs, leveling up your income may not be that simple. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the business game for some time, there is always something to learn about leveling up your income.

Our CEO, Shanté R Roddy, chatted with Juliet Tang about how service-based entrepreneurs can level up their income. Juliet Tang is a business mentor for mission-driven service-based entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and experts.

She helps them hit six figures and beyond so that they can amplify their impact. Here are some of the gems from the talk about how to level up your income.

How to Level Up Your Income

If you’re looking to level up your income, here are some things you need to do.

1. Be Clear with Your Message and Audience

Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of trying to serve everyone. As Juliet puts it “I’m seeing….that a lot of entrepreneurs are all over the place. They’re trying to serve everybody. They have like 10,000 different offers from $9 to $97……that don’t have a clear intention behind it.”

The simple fact is that you cannot serve everybody and you shouldn’t try to. Trying to serve everyone won’t help you level up because people don’t know who you’re talking to. According to Juliet, “[business owners are] not speaking to their ideal audience. They’re not having that communication, that connection, that relevancy, that intimacy that their clients actually need to hear and feel from them in order for them to buy your services

The solution to this problem is to be clear about who your target audience is and speak to them directly. Whatever product or service you put out should be for them.

2. Redesign Your Circle

Who you hang out with can impact how much you make. That’s why Juliet mentions, “we literally become the sum of our circle, the people in our circle.” She said that after she started to associate herself with more go-getters and people who are further than she is, she noticed an energy shift.

In addition to that, Juliet says, “So if we’re spending time with people who….. looked down on money, who don’t believe in…..working hard or who don’t believe in- creating wealth, conscious wealth, then most likely we are unconsciously taking on their mindset and energy.”

An action step you can take is to see what relationships are holding you back and consider getting rid of them. Align yourself more with people who are more on your wavelength and you should feel a shift in energy that propels you to achieve your goals.

3. Learn How To Serve Your Target Audience

This ties into the clarity in your messaging and how you relay the message to your target audience. If you can satisfy the needs of your target audience, you’ll level up your income. The problem entrepreneurs are having, according to Juliet is, “there’s a disconnect between their service and what their clients really need”.

You have to find a way to talk to your target audience in a way that they can relate to that’s clear. If people are confused, they won’t spend their money.

As Juliet says, if people don’t see the value in your product or service, it doesn’t matter how great it is, they won’t buy it. Make sure people know:

  • What problem your product or service is solving.
  • What pain your product or service can alleviate.
  • The pleasure they can get from your product or service.

The bottom line is you have to learn how to package and market your products and services properly.

4. Leverage Your Connections For Collaboration

You shouldn’t be on your entrepreneurship journey by yourself. As a matter of fact, doing it alone can hold you back. You should be actively collaborating with your peers. Why?

Something as simple as networking and collaborating can level up your income. Juliet said it best, “get rid of the idea of like fear of competition, where I need to do it alone because that is coming from scarcity and lack.”

There are tons of ways to collaborate with other entrepreneurs. What Shanté and Juliet did is a great example of collaboration because they can introduce each other to a different set of eyes. Another example is guesting blogging on blogs like ours.

Opportunities to Collaborate to Level Up Your Income

If you’re looking for collaborating opportunities to level up your income, check out our partnership opportunities such as:

If you’d like to see the interview, watch it here.


In conclusion, leveling up your income may seem like a daunting task but it’s not, it just takes some work. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for some time, you can definitely level up your income. All you have to do is select your target audience, and give them what they want in the way they want. In addition to that, don’t forget to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and watch how you all will flourish.

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