5 Myths About YouTube That Are Hurting Your Business

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5 Myths About YouTube That Are Hurting Your Business

Even though YouTube is not a new platform, it's not completely understood by everyone. There are myths about YouTube that are hindering business owne

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Even though YouTube is not a new platform, it’s not completely understood by everyone. There are myths about YouTube that are hindering business owners from reaching their true potential. When it comes to using YouTube for business, there are many opportunities to make money directly and grow a community, generate leads, and grow your business.

 However, you may see other entrepreneurs on YouTube and identify all the ways you’re not similar to them. We like to call these myths about YouTube. Have you ever caught yourself saying any of these:

“I don’t have equipment like they do.”

“I will never get THAT many subscribers.”

“Nobody is going to watch my channel.”

But the truth is, most of what we tell ourselves about YouTube and our ability are myths. Here are 5 myths about YouTube that are hurting your business. 

1. I Need a Million Subscribers

We’re here to tell you that you absolutely don’t need millions of subscribers to make YouTube money. 

When you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours over a period of a year then you can start earning money from ads. 

Yes, 1000 subscribers, not one million. 

As you consistently put out great videos, your channel will grow, and you’ll earn more money. 

That’s what you should focus on, serving your audience with great videos. The subscribers will come. 

Of course, those with a million subscribers earn way more than those with significantly fewer. According to Business Insider, a personal finance YouTuber with 1.1 million subscribers earned over $400,000 from ad revenue in one year.

Instead of being discouraged by this, be encouraged. Remember, both you and that YouTuber started with 0 subscribers. 

beauty influencer holding a subscribe sign

2. I Need a Million Views 

You definitely don’t need a million views to earn money from a YouTube video. If you’re not getting a million views on your videos, don’t be discouraged or think that you have to achieve that goal to be successful. 

Once you join the YouTube membership program and your videos can get monetized, you’ll be earning ad revenue from those videos. You’ll be earning whether or not you hit a million views. 

At the same time, don’t think you can’t get to a million views. Channels with fewer than a million subscribers have videos with millions of views or more. 

Increasing your views requires promoting your videos, using keywords, and being strategic with the title. In addition to that, you’ll get more views when you produce great content. 

Who knows, one of your videos may go viral one day, but either way, you’ll do great. 

3. I Need Fancy and Expensive Equipment 

Generally, YouTubers use a ring light, a microphone, and a camera to record their videos. You really don’t have to buy the expensive version.

Many entrepreneurs are obsessed with perfection when they just need to start. Starting is better than perfect. 

You can also upgrade your equipment as your channel grows if you want; however, it’s not necessary when you’re just starting out.

Some YouTubers even record their videos on their iPhones. 

The key here is ensuring that your videos are clear and bright and that you’re audible. Once you’ve met those criteria and you have valuable videos, you can achieve success for your business on the platform. 

beauty youtuber

4. YouTube’s Algorithm Hates My Videos 

If you’ve been consistently putting out videos and aren’t getting the views you think you deserve, you may think YouTube is out to get you.

According to Search Engine Journal, that’s not true. YouTube trending, which can be found on the explore page, does not favor certain creators. 

The article says YouTube Trending likes videos that are:

  • Not clickbaity or misleading
  • Great at showing how diverse YouTube is
  • Doing better than other videos 
  • Indicative of culture and trends that are popular on YouTube at the time

New and popular videos naturally would end up in the trending section, while older ones wouldn’t. 

In addition to that, they leave space for smaller creators, according to the article. 

Don’t stress about things you can’t control. Continue to promote your videos and remind your viewers to subscribe to your channel so that you can show up on their homepage. 

You may end up on the Trending page one day, but even if you never do, YouTube can do wonders for your business anyway. 

youtuber telling subscribers to like their video

5. YouTube is Too Hard 

YouTube is not easy and takes work, but it’s not too hard. Many people have leveraged YouTube to grow their businesses and personal brand. They’re not much different from you. 

The successful people on YouTube were consistent and put out videos their audience loved; that’s it.

To make things easier for you, you’ll need a content calendar to plan out when you’ll record and post. In addition to that, don’t be afraid to batch content. That means recording more than one video in one day, editing them, and scheduling their release so that you’re not always scrambling to put videos out. 

YouTube may also feel too hard if you’re trying to copy other creators. You may see one creator post a video every day or three times a week. You don’t see that this creator has a team helping them. 

Do what you’re able to do; just be consistent. 

youtuber doing work

Next Steps 

Now that you’ve learned the myths about YouTube, you’re probably excited to either get started or dust off your old channel. 

YouTube is a great platform for business, but it requires some work and strategy. We know a thing or two about that.

She Boss Talk has a thriving YouTube channel, and we’re excited to share our strategies with you so that you can leverage YouTube for your business too. That’s why we have created the YouTube Creators Masterclass, where we tell you the strategies that work for us to save you some time! 

You can grab it today and get instant access to the recording of our masterclass so that you can start leveraging YouTube ASAP.


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