5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Practise Self-Love

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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Practise Self-Love

Self-love is super important and necessary but what does self-love really mean? Self-love refers to having an appreciation for yourself and expressin

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Self-love is super important and necessary but what does self-love really mean? Self-love refers to having an appreciation for yourself and expressing it in all aspects of your life including your business. Here is how self-love impacts your business and 5 ways you can practice self-love. 

Why Self-Love is Important as an Entrepreneur

Of course, self-love is important whether or not you own a business. Self-love is something everyone should possess. However, did you know that having self-love can help you on your entrepreneurial journey?

Well, according to Entrepreneur, having self-love means that you’re likely to not only feel positive and confident but you’ll prioritize yourself and that will leave your business in a better position. 

Another benefit is that you won’t run your business in flight or fight mode. Operating in flight or fight mode means you’re afraid of slowing down and missing opportunities. While it’s important to stay consistent and take opportunities as they’re presented to you. It’s also important to work smarter, not harder. By practicing self-love, you’ll value slowing down and avoid burnout. You’ll also actually be able to show up better in your business. 

As a matter of fact, Entrepreneur says, “self-love will make you creative, spontaneous, intuitive and inspired. When you show up as your authentic self without anxiety, doubts and insecurities, you do your job better because you are not in a fight-or-flight mode.” 

One way you practice self-love is by practicing self-care. Podia mentions many benefits of practicing self-care such as:

  • Enhanced cognitive abilities 
  • Stronger focus
  • Better concentration
  • Heightened production

Without practicing some degree of self-love as an entrepreneur your business will eventually pay the price for it. Here is how to do that!

1. Take regular breaks

Yes, you have many things to do, and you feel like you need more than 24 hours in a day. However, you still have to find time to take a break. You don’t have to earn rest, you deserve it. 

Not taking a break can cause you to be stressed, and burned out and that has many negative consequences. Schedule breaks in your day, take a day off, or get some sleep!

If you’re prone to overwork yourself, you may have to schedule a break. For example, commit to taking at least an hour’s break every day if you’re a full-time entrepreneur. You can take it at the same time every day to help build a routine. Ensure you take this break by not scheduling meetings during that time and setting an alarm on your phone. 

At some point, you may want to even take a break from your business. If you’re a solopreneur that may seem impossible but it’s not!

Here are some ways you can step away from your business without losing your business:

  • Pick your vacation time in advance so that you can plan better
  • Go on vacation during the slower periods of your business
  • Hire a virtual assistant to handle administrative tasks while you’re gone
  • Have your out-of-office email replier scheduled
  • Establish passive forms of income so you can have income coming in
  • Schedule newsletters and social media posts
  • Automate what you can

2. Speak kindly to yourself

People are often guilty of speaking to themselves in a mean and discouraging way. Not only is that affecting your self-esteem, but it can also prevent you from achieving your goals.

Start out by giving yourself a compliment every single day. Also, make it a habit to speak to yourself the way you’d speak to a friend; warm and encouraging. Watch your confidence start to bloom and soon, you’ll feel unstoppable. 

In addition to affirmations, you can repeat affirmations to yourself every day. Happier Human recommends these affirmations for entrepreneurs:

  • I release my doubts and insecurities
  • Every day I am building a successful company.
  • My goals are constantly manifesting
  • I am creating a life I deserve to live
  • I will find a way to make everything work
  • I have the strength to endure all failures and successes

3. Journal

Okay not everybody likes to write pages upon pages about their feelings. People will also complain that they don’t have the time to do that or are terrified someone will read their thoughts. However, journaling is what you make it. 

You can write one line per day or week if that works for you.

If you’re not sure what to write, Jo Black recommends trying these journaling prompts:

  • What’s a little win you’ve had today?
  • What are you grateful for today?
  • How can you love yourself this week?
  • Where do you see your business in 5 years’ time?
  • List 10 things you want to improve in your business
  • What does happiness mean to me?

Before you go out and buy another notebook, check your house for an empty notebook you can write in. You can even use the Notes app or download a journal app. 

We also recommend keeping a gratitude journal and writing about things you are grateful for. You can also download an app to do that. 

4. Celebrate your wins

If you’re someone who accomplishes something and immediately just brushes it off, it’s time to stop doing that. Celebrate your wins no matter how small. Celebrating your win doesn’t have to be expensive. We’re not saying to have a steak dinner every time you make a sale. You can treat yourself to Starbucks, an extra hour of your favorite show, or whatever makes you happy. 

Entrepreneur said, “Take some time every week to take yourself for a coffee date. This is your sacred time to appreciate your success and failures for the week. Do not judge. Just reflect on the person you have become through your business so far, and it well help you go even further.”

5. Don’t be afraid to seek help

Self-love is often pushed as spa days and day trips. However, sometimes loving yourself seeking when you need it.

That can mean going to therapy, healing from trauma, going to rehab, or getting professional help in other ways. Check out the mental health resources in your city.

In addition to getting help for your mental health, don’t be afraid to get help for your business. Entrepreneur says, “Self-love means you unconditionally accept your limitations and aren’t ashamed by them.” That means if there is an area in your business that you think you need help in, reach out and take advantage of available resources. 

We recommend getting a mentor. Mentors can help you gain the skills, confidence, and knowledge necessary for running a business. While experience is important, none of us know everything and so it’s okay to trust someone else when it comes to your business. 

Next Steps

Don’t feel guilty for practicing self-love or self-care. As a matter of fact, make it a goal for yourself. Both your business and your well-being will be better off. Here are some resources that can help you on your self-love and self-care journey:


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