5 Ways to Start Your Writing Journey

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5 Ways to Start Your Writing Journey

Our guest blogger is LaDonyae Thomas, an author who self-published her work in 2017. She believes in the power of your story and wants to help you be

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Our guest blogger is LaDonyae Thomas, an author who self-published her work in 2017. She believes in the power of your story and wants to help you begin your writing journey. Here’s what she had to say. 

Have you ever stopped to think about the incredible power of written words? Words can convey our thoughts, emotions, and ideas, shaping how we communicate and understand the world.

Written words are all around us. If you doubt that written words hold power, consider this: if you don’t believe written words are powerful, how are you reading this right now?

It’s easy to underestimate the impact of our words, but the truth is, whatever you write will always be read.

Maybe only by some, but it will be read by somebody. 

Each of us has a unique story to tell, which can resonate with someone else’s life in ways you can’t even imagine. 

Think of your writing as a beacon, attracting those who relate to your story. Just as you are drawn to stories that touch your heart, someone out there is waiting to discover the words you’ve kept hidden. 

The time has come to unleash your story because silence is not an option in the world of writing.

Why Your Story Matters 

Your story, your experiences, your thoughts – they all matter. They are an integral part of your unique identity; when you express them through writing, you give them life. Writing is a form of speaking without moving your mouth. It’s like having a secret conversation with your readers, and it can touch their souls in profound ways. 

Consider this: your words have body parts. They possess a voice that speaks to those who read them and have legs that can travel far and wide. 

Your story can reach people across borders, cultures, and time. Telling your story is the one job you do once, and it lives on forever.

 So, what’s your story that’s hidden within you? What experiences, lessons, and insights do you possess that could benefit others? 

Writing is the key to unlocking the treasures of your mind and heart, and it’s time to set them free. Don’t be afraid to start. Don’t worry about perfection or whether everyone will understand. Your story is unique, and someone needs to hear it for inspiration, comfort, and enlightenment.

How To Begin Your Writing Journey 

If you want to begin your writing journey, I have five suggestions. 

1. Set Aside Time

Setting aside dedicated time each day to explore your thoughts and stories in writing is essential. 

Schedule time for writing just as you would for a lunch date, a dental appointment, or other vital activities.

You can add your writing time to your calendar and set up reminders. 

The Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Writing Institute says to take this time seriously by declining to do other things during your writing time. 

“Say “no” when someone asks to schedule something at that time (whenever possible). Even tell others that is your writing time so that they know not to contact you at that time.”

Masterclass echoed these sentiments when they said, “When you put writing on your daily to-do lists, take it a step further. Physically write your writing time in a calendar or daily planner. That makes it more official, like writing down any other appointment that you’re obligated to keep.”

The time you set aside is dependent on your preferences and schedules.

Some people prefer to write early in the morning before their family has woken up, while others like to write at midnight when everyone is sleeping. 

2. Create a Writing Safe Place

A safe writing place is where you feel most inspired, free from distractions that can hinder your creative flow. 

According to Self-Publishing School, “Your writing space can be your sanctuary, a place where you can block out the outside world and focus solely on your writing. It’s your bubble of calm in a chaotic world—your haven for undisturbed writing.” 

If you’re wondering why you can’t get any writing done, you may have to write in a different place or make changes to the one you already use. 

Believe it or not, many famous writers had writing spaces where they believed they did their best work.

According to The Write Life, Virginia Woolf had a simple desk and chair overlooking the outdoors. 

On the other hand, George Bernard Shaw, a playwright, preferred a simple writing space with a typewriter, a clean white desk, and a small window in a private place.

You probably won’t need a typewriter in your writing space, and that’s fine because your writing space preferences will be personal to you. 

Self Publishing School recommends considering:

  • Comfort
  • Lighting
  • Noise levels
  • Privacy
  • Organization

3. Reflect

If you’re interested in telling your story, you must start reflecting.

Reflect on your unique life experiences and the impactful moments shaping your journey. 

You don’t have to tackle every meaningful moment at once. Pick one at a time and start reflecting.

Oxbridge Essays says, “You need to really think about how the personal experience you have chosen to focus on impacted or changed you. Use your memories and feelings of the experience to determine the implications for you on a personal level.”

In addition, Oxbridge Essays recommends that you consider what you learned about yourself based on your reflection, why you made those choices, and what you would have done differently. 

4. Experiment 

Try experimenting with different writing styles. Consider journaling, poetry, creative storytelling, or essay writing to find the approach that resonates with you the most. 

Whichever writing style you pick, seek out other works in that style. The goal is not to copy them. Instead, look at the various ways you can express yourself. It can inspire you. 

You can check out your local library for books, audiobooks, and other resources. 

5. Seek Community

Having a community, whether you’re an author, entrepreneur, or both, is essential. 

A writing group or online writing community can share your progress and receive construction feedback. 

Besides getting valuable feedback, MasterClass says a writing group can help you:

  • Be accountable and crush your goals
  • Find readers
  • Get help with your story
  • Be a better writer

You may be wondering where to find a writer’s group.

MasterClass says you can search for them online or join an online group. 

Chances are there are local writers’ groups in your area; you could ask around or do a quick Google search with “writing group + [your city] in the search bar.

You could opt for online communities like NaNoWriMo or create a writer’s group.


Your story is a gift waiting to be unwrapped. So, grab a pen, open a blank document, and start authoring your story today. Write it once and allow it to be read for a lifetime. Your words have the power to change lives, including your own. Embrace the power of writing and let your story shine brightly. Remember, if you’re reading this, you already know the power of written words. Now it’s your turn to exercise that power. Your journey as an author begins now. Start writing today, and watch your words change lives, minds, and spirits, including your own. Embrace the power of storytelling and let your unique journey shine. Start writing, and let your story take flight! Someone is waiting to read!

You can follow LaDonyae on her Facebook or Instagram. You can also check out her website to learn more. 

LaDonyae’s Story

As an author, LaDonyae’s journey began in 2017 when she took the bold step of self-publishing her first book. However, her love for words and writing dates back to 1995. That’s when she first ventured into the world of poetry. Writing has always been her way of expressing and channeling her emotions. LaDonyae’s story is a testament to the transformative power of following your passion. It’s a reminder that, with persistence and self-belief, you can turn your deepest love and talents into a successful and fulfilling journey. La Donyae believes that we all have a unique story and that no story is too small. One thing she loves about writing a book is that you can create it once, and it has the potential to generate income forever, allowing your words and experiences to inspire others for generations to come.


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