5 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

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5 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

In the United States, February is Black History Month. Black History Month became an annual celebration in 1926 after it was conceived by Carter G Wo

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In the United States, February is Black History Month. Black History Month became an annual celebration in 1926 after it was conceived by Carter G Woodson. The aim was to not only raise awareness of Black history but to honor African Americans. Today, we can honor Black History Month by continuing to help Black people create a legacy that future generations will learn about and benefit from. Here are five ways to celebrate Black History Month in a meaningful way. 

1. Collaborate with Black Businesses and Entrepreneurs 

Whether or not you’re a Black-owned business, you can collaborate with Black businesses and entrepreneurs. Collaboration can help all businesses involved:

  • Introduce themselves to a new audience
  • Build and expand their community
  • Generate new leads
  • Make sales

The key to collaborating in a meaningful way is by making sure you both have a similar audience. Think about how your product or service can help the audience of the people you want to collaborate with. You can start with the people already in your network. 

Need collaboration ideas? You can check out our list of collaboration ideas that you can implement for free. 

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2. Shop Black

Supporting Black-owned businesses, especially small businesses can be beneficial to the community. Communities often rely on job opportunities, products, services, and money from small businesses.

However, small businesses, especially small black-owned businesses are experiencing financial distress. According to Forbes, the racial wealth gap and COVID-19 are still affecting the Black community including Black businesses. 

Forbes says, “Since there is a significant wealth disparity amongst Black people, having access to capital can help bridge the gap for Black small business owners.”

Black businesses can access capital through grants, loans, and other means. Having an increase in sales is definitely a welcomed way to increase capital. These small businesses will be able to scale and make an even greater impact.

Not sure where to find Black-owned businesses? Check out our Black Business Shopping Guide and get some awesome deals this month. 

3. Take a Chance With Your Business

Notice that all the famous Black historical figures you learned about took a risk. 

By taking that risk, they were able to secure a positive legacy for themselves and their children. They were also able to effect meaningful change. 

If you have a Black-owned business, you should absolutely look out for opportunities to grow during Black History Month. 

For example, you can pitch your business to us. She Boss Talk is holding a pitch competition for Black-owned businesses. We will be giving cash to four deserving businesses in the following way:

  • 1st place- $1000
  • 2nd place- $750 
  • 3rd place- $500
  • 4th place- $250

We want you to tell us about your business by submitting a video and completing the entry form. Take a chance on yourself. You can read more about the guidelines and apply here. (Applications are closed)

4. Give Back

Giving back is always a welcoming idea. One way to celebrate Black History Month year after year is by giving back. Helping someone else secure their legacy and future is always worthwhile. 

 There are so many ways businesses or individuals can give back to the community. You could:

  • Give a grant to a Black-owned business. 
  • Volunteer your time helping a struggling entrepreneur or business. 
  • Mentor a young entrepreneur who isn’t quite sure how business works. If you don’t know any personally, you can sign up on SCORE. 
  • Buy groceries or pay a bill for someone who is struggling. 
  • Donate to a charity that serves Black people. 
  • Donate to a cause that fights for issues important to Black people. 
  • Establish a charity

5. Educate Yourself

Educating yourself on Black History is a marvelous way to celebrate Black History Month. After all, that was one of the main reasons the month was established in the first place. 

Whether you’ve grown up learning about Black history your whole life or not, there is always more to learn. 

You can educate yourself by:

  • Purchasing and reading books. If you have a Black-owned bookstore in your neighborhood, you can opt to shop there. 
  • Listening to audiobooks on Black History. 
  • Visiting your local library and accessing relevant resources
  • Check out podcasts dedicated to Black History. 
  • Take a free remote university class on African American studies.
  • Watch a documentary

Next Steps

As you can see, many ways to celebrate Black History Month in 2023 exist. However, to maximize your impact, we suggest incorporating these tips consistently and not just one month out of the year.  By consistently and strategically making a plan to make your little corner of the world better, we’ll see meaningful change.


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