5 Ways to Promote Affiliate Products to Earn More Money

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5 Ways to Promote Affiliate Products to Earn More Money

Now that you’re an affiliate, it’s time to promote the products! One of the awesome things about affiliate marketing is that you have so many ways yo

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Now that you’re an affiliate, it’s time to promote the products! One of the awesome things about affiliate marketing is that you have so many ways you can promote the products. The more you promote your affiliate products, the more money you’ll make. Here are 5 ways to promote your affiliate products to earn more money. 

This blog post may contain affiliate links which means we get commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no extra cost to you.

1. Post on Social Media

Social media is a great way to promote your affiliate products. With social media, you can create content, post your links and generate sales from various platforms. 

You don’t have to join and post on every single social media platform. You can start with one social media platform. Even though all social media platforms are different, it’s important that you:

Create content consistently

Even though it can be hard to create content consistently, it’s important to do that. Consistency can mean different things to different content creators. For example, one content creator may be able to post multiple times per day, while another can only post three days a week. 

Find out how often you can post without feeling burned out. We recommend using a content calendar to plan your content. You can use an Excel sheet, a tool like Notion, or even a pen and paper. 

After creating your content calendar, it’s time to create the content. We suggest batching content. Batching content means creating multiple pieces of content at once. Block out about an hour and create captions for your posts. Depending on your time, you can create for weeks or months in advance.

Finally, it’s time to schedule your content. You can use many tools to schedule your social media content for free or for a fee within your budget. For example, Buffer and Hootsuite are popular programs for scheduling your content. 

Post content other than promotions

If everything you post on social media is an ad, you probably won’t make much money. People want to get to know you or your business. In addition to that, people want to get valuable information from you. Therefore, take the time to create content that will attract people and increase your brand awareness and engagement. 

Need ideas? Here’s an example: 

  • Post something motivational for Monday #motivationmonday
  • Post a throwback on Tuesday with a lesson you’ve learned #tbt
  • Post one of our affiliate products for Wednesday #winningwednesday
  • Post something insightful on Thursday #thursdaythoughts
  • Post something fun on Friday #fridaymood

Don’t worry you don’t have to post every day if you don’t want to. 

Engage with your followers 

People are much more likely to buy from you if they have a relationship with your brand. People need to trust you and your company before they open their pocketbooks. One way you can cultivate trust is by engaging with your followers. That means replying to their comments, creating engaging content, and liking their comments. 

Understand the Platform

Every social media platform is different. Spend some time understanding the platform. If you look on the platform, there are articles full of tips for you to employ. 

Let’s look at an example of why understanding the platform is important. On Instagram, Reels are pretty dominant. So, you should probably create Reels. In addition to that, find out what kind of Reels are popular in your niche and recreate them. That way, you’re likely to get more views and engagement.  

2. Make YouTube Videos

Did you know that you can make money as an affiliate marketer through video? We are huge fans of using YouTube for video marketing. 

55% of people watch videos before making a purchase. 

You can create videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media platform and make money as an affiliate. However, we’re emphasizing YouTube because of the longevity of the video. Remember, YouTube is a search engine, meaning people search for information on YouTube. Therefore, a video you created last year could pop up in search results today; therefore, you can make money if someone watches it and clicks on your affiliate link. 

Make sure the product is relevant

If you’re planning on discussing your affiliate product in your YouTube video, make sure it’s relevant. If you include your affiliate links in an unrelated video, then chances are people won’t click. 

For example, so instead of including our Winning Grants With Ease affiliate link in a video about makeup, include it in videos where you talk about being an entrepreneur or something business-related. That way, you’re putting the product in front of people who are more likely to buy it. 

Create videos just for the product

You can create videos about the products, explaining what they are and who they will help. The videos don’t need to be fancy, and there are tons of video editing tools out there. 

For example, if you’re an affiliate for a makeup company, you can do a video with the makeup products. In this video, you can do swatches and makeup tutorials. 

Don’t forget your affiliate link

To avoid this mistake, write a reminder to include your affiliate links so that your audience can click on them. You may want to use your link on YouTube in the description, as an annotation, or in the caption. Without your link, you won’t get to reap the rewards of your hard work creating that video. 

Create attractive thumbnails

There are many videos on YouTube; therefore, having an attractive thumbnail can increase your chances of getting more views. According to Growth Marketing Genie, “A thumbnail is the first point of contact for your audience into your video. It works similar to a book cover, giving your viewers a summary of your content in a single image.”

Even if you’re not a graphic designer or can’t afford one right now, Canva has awesome YouTube thumbnails you can customize and use. 

When creating your thumbnail, Growth Marketing Genie suggests:

  • Using good wording. Let people know what the video is about in very few words.
  • Using high-quality images. There are some free images you can get from places like Unsplash. 
  • Making sure your thumbnails are consistent with your brand

3. Send Emails

You can usually send your affiliate links in emails. If you’re not sure, make sure you read the individual rules governing your affiliate program. 

Anyway, emailing your affiliate links is a great way to make money as an affiliate marketer.

Types of emails you can send

There are many emails you can send to promote your affiliate products. These include:

  • Newsletters-You can send your email list a newsletter regularly. Typically, businesses send out weekly newsletters or monthly. You should provide valuable information, but you can also include your affiliate links. 
  • Sales emails- A sales email’s sole purpose is to sell something. Therefore, in the sales email, you have to really focus on enticing your subscribers to buy. That means highlighting the product’s benefits and letting your subscribers know how it will solve their problems. 
  • Automated emails- You can set up automated emails, such as a welcome sequence with one or two of your affiliate links. That means every time someone signs up for your email list; they’ll automatically get an email. If you craft a great welcome sequence, you can make money. 

The key to selling in your emails is making sure your copy is good. Don’t just send your affiliate links and say, “Buy this.” Give your subscribers a reason to buy using your affiliate link. Make sure you get to know your subscribers, so you’ll know what they’re more likely to buy and why they want to buy it. 

Creating lead magnets

If you don’t currently have many email subscribers, it’s time to grow your email list!  Creating a lead magnet is a great way to grow your email list. 

A lead magnet is typically a free resource or service given away so you can collect email addresses.

This is an effective way of gathering email addresses while serving your audience. 

A good lead magnet gives the audience a quick win with actionable tips. 

Not sure where to start? No problem; here are some lead magnet ideas you can use:

  • eBook
  • Checklist
  • Webinar
  • Workbook
  • Case Study
  • Guides
  • Mini-courses
  • Cheatsheet
  • Templates
  • Access to a private group

You don’t need to use all of these ideas as lead magnets. As a matter of fact, one really good lead magnet can consistently grow your email list.

4. Write a Blog Post

Did you know some bloggers make thousands of dollars from affiliate links in their blog posts? Blogging is an excellent way for you to make money from your affiliate links.

The first step is starting your blog and creating a plan to publish content regularly. We recommend publishing blog posts a couple of times per month. 

Not sure what to blog about? When coming up with blog topics, consider what you want to educate your audience about keywords your audience is searching for. 

Once you have the topics down, it’s time to start writing. Here are our best tips:

  • Hire a freelance or in-house writer if you’re not skilled at content writing or copywriting. There is a specific way to write on the internet, which requires a special set of skills. For example, you have to write for a certain reading level, know where to put keywords, and know how to optimize headings. You can find writers on LinkedIn or various agencies like Upwork or Fiverr. 
  • Make sure your blog posts are SEO-friendly. SEO stands for search engine optimization. When done right, Google and other search engines can prioritize your website and show it to more people. SEO is another skill you must develop, so hiring an SEO writer is a great idea. 
  • Learn content writing, copywriting, and SEO if you don’t want to hire writers. You can develop your skills and get certificates from LinkedIn. 
  • Make sure the affiliate link makes sense in the blog post you put it in. For example, putting an affiliate link for makeup won’t work in a blog post about marketing. 
  • Promote your blog posts frequently. You can send the links via email and post them on your social media platforms. 

5. Create a Resource Page

If you have a website, it’s time to make a resource page. A resource page is simply a page on your website that compiles a list of resources. For example, if you’re one of our affiliates, you could have a page on your website with resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Ensure the page is organized well, and don’t forget to promote it to your network. 

If you’re not completely sold on the resource page idea, here are three reasons to consider having a resource page on your website. 

1. You can add your affiliate links to it- Adding your affiliate links to your resources page puts it in front of your website visitors every time they visit.  People can click on that page at any time, purchase a product, and you will earn a commission. Just like that, your resource page could help you earn.

2. You’ll get more traffic to your website- People love resource pages and are inclined to share them with their networks, whether on social media or as a hyperlink in their blog post. People not even in your network could come across it from these shares and make a purchase. 

3. It’s good for SEO- Without getting too technical, if people are linking to your site a lot, it can improve your site’s credibility. That means that your website can get a boost in rankings on search engines. A boost in rankings can help more people find your site, and you could make more money. 

Next Steps

Being an affiliate marketer can be a lucrative side hustle. However, you have to put work into promoting your affiliate links. We want you to become a pro at affiliate marketing. That’s why we created the Six-Figure Affiliate Masterclass. We share tips that helped us earn from affiliate marketing. We focus on showing you how to 5X your sales by incentivizing fans and other people to promote your stuff to wider audiences and networks. Grab it now to learn how to earn more as an affiliate marketer. 


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