5 Ways to Write Better Copy for Your Business

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5 Ways to Write Better Copy for Your Business

Copywriting is an integral part of marketing and sales. If you're a small business owner looking to make sales, you must master copywriting. You'll s

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Copywriting is an integral part of marketing and sales. If you’re a small business owner looking to make sales, you must master copywriting. You’ll see fewer sales even if you have a fantastic product or service and don’t use compelling copy to market it. We know how important sales are for you, so we will help you write better copy. Here are five ways to write better copy for your business to boost sales and leads. 

1. Do Customer Research 

To write better copy, you have to understand your customers. 

You may have a good idea of who your target audience is from your business plan. 

But remember, your target market is the segment of people you aim to reach with your products and services.

While on the other hand, your customers are people who buy your products and services. 

You have to conduct research on your customers for several reasons.

Grand Canyon University says that customer research is necessary because it:

  • Allows you to see what people want
  • Shows the company what to focus on
  • Keeps you relevant in your industry
  • Minimizes risk
  • Further define your audience

Now that you’re convinced that you have to do customer research, the next question you have is, how?

Well, there are many ways you can find out more about your customers, such as:

  • One-on-one interviews 
  • Sending our surveys and questionnaires
  • Use social media to discover what people say about your product and industry. 

It’s also a great habit to regularly collect customer reviews. You’ll learn what customers love or hate about your product and service. You can also use these reviews in your marketing. 

Here’s a bonus tip: use the language found in your customer reviews in your copy. 

2. Learn How to Do Effective Storytelling

People connect with stories. 

Therefore, storytelling can be an effective copywriting technique.

According to Search Engine Watch, storytelling can boost conversion rates by 30%.

They also said, “Even 62% of B2B marketers hold storytelling in high regard as an effective content marketing tactic.”

According to LinkedIn, compelling storytelling requires you to:

  • Know your customer 
  • Make your customer the hero of your story
  • Tap into emotions 
  • Be authentic
  • Keep your story clear and simple

Here’s an example of using storytelling in your copy. 

Setting the scene: Sarah is a busy entrepreneur juggling a small business and a chaotic personal life. Just a few months ago, she found herself drowning in client work and stress while losing touch with the joy that once fueled her passion for her business.

The Turning Point: Sarah battled endless hours of administrative tasks, sourcing products, packing orders, and doing everything related to her business. She was a team of one, and the daily grind had taken its toll. Burnout loomed on the horizon.

The Transformation: By seeking out help, Sarah began to reclaim her time, restore her energy, and rediscover the joy that had been buried beneath layers of stress. Sarah now has time for a social life; she is seeing and enjoying time with her family more. The transformation was not just in her time; her productivity, mindset, and overall well-being improved.

Call to Action: Ready to break free from the shackles of overwhelm and experience a transformation like Sarah’s? Discover the tools that turned her life around. We specialize in helping solopreneurs regain their lives with personalized tools and resources. Book a FREE consultation to find out how we can help you reclaim your time. 

You can use stories like this in your marketing. 

3. Focus on Benefits 

Always focus on the benefits when creating copy for your products and services. It helps to make a list of features and then write the benefits. Therefore, you’ll have a copy ready for your emails and social media posts.

Here’s what we mean.

Let’s say you’re a beauty brand that sells lip balm; here are some features and possible benefits.

Feature: Cruelty-Free Formula

Benefit: Our formula is never tested on animals, so you can confidently indulge in a product that aligns with your values and supports ethical practices.

Feature: Natural Ingredients

Benefit: Let nature help you pamper your lips. Our lip balm is crafted with natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E, providing intense hydration and nourishment for soft, healthy lips without artificial ingredients.

Feature: Long-Lasting Moisture

Benefit: Fight the harsh air with our super hydrating lip balm with lasting moisture. Our lip balm’s long-lasting moisture ensures your lips stay hydrated throughout the day. You can spend less time picking at your lips and more time flashing your beautiful smile. 

Feature: Variety of Flavors

Benefit: Indulge your senses with a burst of flavors. Our cruelty-free lip balm comes in various delicious options, from refreshing mint to yummy tropical fruits. These lip balms taste as good as your lips will feel. 

Feature: Portable and Convenient Packaging

Benefit: Take your lip care wherever you go. Our lip balm’s sleek and portable design makes it easy to slip into your pocket or purse, ensuring you can maintain hydrated lips on the go.

Feature: Versatile Use

Benefit: Beyond lips! Our cruelty-free lip balm can be used for more than just your lips. Try it on dry cuticles, elbows, or any other dry patches for an extra boost of hydration and care.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency

One underrated copywriting technique is using your words to create a sense of urgency. 

A sense of urgency can increase your conversions, which means more sales.

We have noticed in our marketing that people tend to sign up for our offers on the last day. 

To create a sense of urgency, Chandana Pitta, a digital marketing Expert with seven years of experience, says to use time-specific words.

“Add phrases like “Offer ends in 2 days,” “Last one day,” etc., to create a sense of urgency for the customer. Such terms increase your conversion rates by reminding customers that they need to act on your offer soon.”

However, we caution you to avoid creating a false sense of urgency that may turn off your audience.

You can also create a sense of urgency by having limited discounts or only allowing a certain amount of sign-ups.

Pitta says, “Don’t have a deadline for your offer? No problem! Use messaging like “Only for this week” or “Offer available for one more day” in a generic sense. These statements also prompt people to act on your copies.”

5. Focus on Your Headlines

You could have excellent copy, but if your headline (or subject line in the case of emails) is not captivating enough, people won’t read it, and you won’t get the sales you want.

There are many ways you can create better headlines. According to Constant Contact, you can create better headlines by:

  • Keeping it short
  • Using active voice
  • Using numbers where possible
  • Appealing to their curiosity 
  • Using power words
  • Making it urgent
  • Making it specific 

Now that you know how to create better headlines, you may want to see these tips in action. 

Here are some examples of good headlines according to WordStream:

  • Google Warns Advertisers About Third-Party Cookies (Active voice)
  • Stop Paying Your Landlord’s Mortgage – Get Pre-Approved (Emotions)
  • 7 Worst Mistakes You Need to Avoid (numbers)

Every time you come across a good headline, save it so you can use it for inspiration next time you need to create a headline. 

Next Steps 

We know these tips will help you create better copy and increase your chances of converting your leads to customers. Check out our ebook that enables you to turn your content into cash. 


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