6 Small Business Grants You Probably Didn’t Know About

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6 Small Business Grants You Probably Didn’t Know About

While there are many ways to fund a business, grants are a great way to get money into your business without incurring debt. You can use grants to pa

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While there are many ways to fund a business, grants are a great way to get money into your business without incurring debt. You can use grants to pay workers, pay rent or mortgage for the business, scale the business and so much more. However, many small business owners are without the capital they need because they aren’t aware of all the grants out there. 

That’s why we’ve found six grants that small business owners probably don’t know about but definitely should!

1. Awesome Foundation 

The Awesome Foundation awards $1000 in grants every month, no strings attached.

They have already given out $6,389,000 to 6389 projects so far. If you’re interested in applying, you can check out their website.

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2. Atomic® Grants

Atomic Grants are for passionate women over the age of 21 from anywhere in the world.

According to their website, “Atomic® Grants are for people who are passionate about making change happen, for themselves and others. Do not apply if you are viewing this as simply funding for your business, or you are in financial need.”

The reviewing committee wants your passion, your journey so far, and how you plan to use the grant to fund your passion.

Interested? Apply here.

3. Amber Grant

WomensNet awards a $10,000 Amber Grant to a woman-owned business every single month. At the end of the year, they pick three of the previous winners to award $25,000.

Grant winners of the previous month are announced on the 23rd day of each month.

To qualify:

  • You’ll have to be at least 18 years old
  • Your business has to be at least 50% women-owned
  • The business has to be located in the United States or Canada

The grant application fee is $15, you can find out more information and apply here.

4. Incfile Fresh Start Business Grant

If you’re just starting your business, the Incfile Fresh Start Business Grant could be perfect for you. One entrepreneur over the age of 21, will receive $2,500 to put toward business startup costs and will also receive free formation services from Incfile.

This is a quarterly grant and the next deadline for 2023 is September 30th.

Visit their website to get more information and apply.

5. The Freed Fellowship Grant

Every month, the Freed Fellowship Grant awards $500 to a US business owner. In addition to the money, people who win this grant get:

  • A free half-hour strategy session with a business expert
  • One-year membership in their community
  • The chance to win an additional $2500 at the end of the year

Applicants won’t be left empty-handed. In addition, everyone who applies gets two months of mentorship and feedback on their application.

You can visit their website here for more information and the opportunity to apply.

6. Wish Local Empowerment Program

If you have a Black-owned brick-and-mortar business, you should check out the Wish Local Empowerment Program. The program will be giving out grants between $500 – $2000.

This program was established to help promote equality and diversity in American business.

The grant fund is $2M dollar and Wish is hoping to disperse it between roughly 4000 businesses.

If you’re interested in being one of those businesses, check out their website for more information and the chance to apply.

How to Apply for Grants 

You can check out our step-by-step funding application guide to get a basic idea of how to apply for grants.

However, if you really want to ensure you stand out from the competition and have a greater chance of securing the grant, check out our Winning Grant Cheatsheet and Checklist.

Our ebook has helped many people secure funding for their business so we know it can help you. 

Need More Grants?

Searching for grants online is time-consuming. We have taken the work out of finding free money by creating an exclusive, regularly updated, grant database. We also send out a monthly email with a ton of grants that you can apply to and tips.

If you want unlimited access to this database and an email delivered to your inbox monthly, sign up here.

Other Grant Resources

Looking for more grant resources? Check out:


Getting free money for your business is a great way to keep the lights on and eventually scale your business. Knowing how to apply for grants and applying for grants you’re qualified for is half the battle. Good luck with your next grant application!


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