7 Ways to Celebrate Black Business Month

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7 Ways to Celebrate Black Business Month

August is Black Business Month and we are in the mood to celebrate! Did you know that there are more than 2 million Black-owned businesses in the Uni

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August is Black Business Month and we are in the mood to celebrate! Did you know that there are more than 2 million Black-owned businesses in the United States? In addition to that, 70% of Black business owners are happy with their businesses. 

While those are positive facts, there are some facts about Black businesses that are hard to hear. For example, Black women-owned businesses earn less than businesses owned by other women. In addition to that, not only do loan officers offer less help to Black business owners, but only 1% access loans within their first year. 

So this year, we’re going to be intentional in how we celebrate. Here are seven ways to celebrate Black Business Month.

1. Let Your Pockets Do The Talking

A great way to celebrate is to buy products and services from black businesses this month. As we already highlighted, Black women owners earn way less than other women business owners. It’s time to get some money in their pockets too. 

Chances are, whatever you need, there is a black business out there that can provide it for you. 

If you’re a black business, use the Instagram feature that allows you to highlight that. That way, others can find it easier to support Black-owned businesses. 

Looking for a Black business to support? Check out our Black Business Shopping Guide.

2. Tell a Friend

If there is a Black-owned business that you absolutely love, tell a friend!

By simply promoting this business, you’re increasing their visibility and that can make such a difference. 

You can do this promotion by posting on your social media accounts, texting your friends and family, and even sending an email. You could even post a picture of the product you bought and simply just tag the business. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an influencer or have a large following, your promotion could make a difference. 

If you want, you can find out if this business has some sort of affiliate program. Therefore when the people you tell support the business, both you and the business gets paid, it’s a win-win. 

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3. Send a Testimonial to a Black Business

A well-written testimonial can do wonders for a business, especially a small business. If you purchased a product or service from a Black-owned business that you loved, send a testimonial. 

You can simply message or email the business owner and let them know you’ll be providing a testimonial they can share.

A good testimonial highlights how the product or service solved a problem you had. You can speak about how it made a difference in your life and why you would recommend it. 

4. Share Resources 

If you know about helpful business resources, tell a Black business owner about them.

If you are able to share your expertise with someone, do it.

Point people in the right direction so they have a better chance of success. 

If you don’t know what resources to share, you can share our YouTube Channel She Boss Talk where we cover grant news and interview She Bosses that share their expertise. 

If you know someone who needs more funding for their business you can tell them about our Grant Cheat Sheet that has helped many businesses secure funding. 

In addition to that, our blog shares awesome business tips.

You can also send them over to SCORE to get a great mentor and the Small Business Administration for events and helpful information. 

5. Grow Your Own Business 

If you’re a black business owner then you can celebrate this month by investing in the growth of your own company. 

There are many action steps you can take to grow your business. For example, you could work on your social media presence. If it makes sense for your business, consider revamping your Instagram. You can then use social media to attract, engage and delight your customers. 

In addition to that, you may be ready to scale your business. You can use government contracts to do that. 

6. Register Your Own Black-owned Business

Join the other two million black-owned businesses! Registering your business has so many benefits. First of all, it’s the right thing to do if you want to operate legally. In addition to that, you can become bankable and have access to a line of credit that can really help your business grow. 

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7. Certify Your Business 

If you’re a Black business owner, you can actually get your business certified as a minority-owned business. Getting your business certified opens up your business to a world of opportunities like getting government contracts. You can use these opportunities to scale your business and achieve your dreams, whatever they are. 

We hope that you found this post helpful and that you picked up some great ideas. Share this post with a Black business owner and everyone else in your network. Let’s celebrate Black Business Month!

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