7 Ways To Celebrate Self Promotion Month

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7 Ways To Celebrate Self Promotion Month

October is Self Promotion Month so it’s time to shine the spotlight on yourself. Many entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable about promoting their busi

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October is Self Promotion Month so it’s time to shine the spotlight on yourself.

Many entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable about promoting their businesses. However, if people don’t know about your great product and services, everyone loses. You won’t be able to help your target audience and you’ll be missing out on sales and the ability to scale. 

That’s why we’re telling you seven ways you can do self-promotion this Self Promotion Month and any other month of the year. 

1. Send a Sales Email

People joined your email list because they want to hear from you. Yes, that includes your offers.  Of course, sales emails shouldn’t be the only thing that you’re sending out to your list. However, you should include sales emails in your email marketing strategy.

Action Item: Send out an email promoting one of your products or services. Even though you’re promoting yourself, focus on the customer. Be sure to include:

  • A great subject line. Avoid words like ‘complimentary’, ‘discount’, and ‘sale’. Be creative.
  • How your audience will benefit from your product and service. How will this help them solve their problems? What will their life look like after they use your product or service? 
  • Include a strong call to action.
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2. Write a Blog Post 

Create a blog post that includes your offer in it. Remember, your blog posts should focus on providing value to your audience. However, your products and services should be doing the same thing. Therefore, you can mention your products and services in your blog post.

Some examples of blog posts you can write are:

  • Product launches
  • Tutorials 
  • Listicles 
  • Guides

You want people to find your blogs on their own too. To do that, use SEO techniques so that your blog post can get organic traffic. 

You may feel like blogging is a waste of time in your business but it can help you earn money. Did you know that 61% of customers have made a purchase after they read a recommendation on a blog? It’s time to get writing!

Action Step: Pick one product or service you have and write a blog post that includes it.

3. Run an Ad

There are so many ways to run ads. While it makes sense to run ads on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, those aren’t the only places you can run ads.

You can do radio ads, sponsor a podcast, or use other platforms.

Ads are a great way to get your products and services in front of a new audience and can totally be worth the investment. In order to make sure you don’t waste your money, you’ll have to do a bit of research.

For example, if you are paying for a radio spot ad or a podcast ad, find out the demographic of the listeners. Is that the audience you’re targeting? 

There are no guarantees with ads but it is something worth investing in. 

We believe in ads and that’s why every year we promote women and their awesome businesses to our big network in a shopping guide. This year, we’re promoting to more than 50,000 people this holiday season. 

We’re just about to close the door but you can apply here.

Action Step: Pick a platform to run an ad advertising one of your products or services. 

radio host

4. Record a YouTube Video

YouTube is a great way to earn money and promote your business. The key is providing value to your viewers even though you’re promoting yourself.

For example, if you sell clothes, you can do a YouTube video showing people how to put together looks using your clothes. 

In addition to creating valuable videos for your audience, don’t neglect SEO. Use keywords in your title and don’t forget to leave your links in your description. Don’t forget to ask your audience to go into your description, like your video, and subscribe. 

If you’re serious about using YouTube as a tool for your business, you can check out our YouTube Creator Masterclass. We included tons of advice on how to use YouTube to create multiple streams of income and promote your business. 

Action Step: Record a YouTube video that will be valuable for your audience but still promote a product or service. 

5. Update Your Website

As a business owner, you already know you need a website. Websites not only help you to be bankable by making you look credible, but they are also part of your owned media. 

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs sometimes don’t update their website so there is a lot of outdated information on it. 

Your website is the best place to promote your products and services to an audience. When social media platforms are malfunctioning or not promoting your posts, your website will still be there. That’s why you should regularly update it with new information and testimonials.

Remember even though you’re promoting yourself, focus on your audience and how you can help

In addition to that, make sure you use platforms such as social media to send traffic to your website.

Don’t forget to use SEO techniques to help your website come up in search results.

Action Step: Update your website and remove outdated content. 

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6. Make a Sales Post

Your social media strategy should include sales posts. Posting educational content is great but don’t forget you’re running a business. You have to create posts that are simply promoting your offer. 

You’ll have to make sure the image (or video) and the caption draws people in. The image should be of great quality as well as captivating and the copy should be clear and concise. 

You can’t just ask people to buy something, you have to tell them why. 

In addition to that, if you have Instagram Shop set up, you can always link your products to the post which makes for an easier shopping experience. 

Action Step: Create a sales post for each social media platform you use. 

7. Collaborate

Collaboration is a great way to do self-promotion while providing value for the other people involved. 

You can definitely use other people’s platforms to promote your business without it being awkward. For example, when you’re on someone else’s podcast, they almost certainly ask you to tell their audience about you and what you do. 

The key to getting successful collaborations is by networking and doing research. Pick people who align with your brand and values. In addition to that, make sure that their audience and yours intersect so that you’re speaking to the right people. 

Action Step: Reach out to one person in your network to collaborate with. 

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Next Steps  

Even though promoting your business may feel awkward, it is so necessary for the survival of your business. Hopefully, these tips can help you for this self-promotion month and every month after that. 

Don’t forget to share this with other women in business so you can win together. 


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    Such great ideas! I just have to carve out some time to implement all of them. I already updated my website making it more sales friendly and posted my sales offer on social media. Next up is podcast/YouTube and a blog.