9 Things Your Business Peers Wish You Knew About Mentorship

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9 Things Your Business Peers Wish You Knew About Mentorship

We asked our community to tell us what they want other entrepreneurs to know about mentorship. They did not disappoint. We received so many awesome r

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We asked our community to tell us what they want other entrepreneurs to know about mentorship. They did not disappoint. We received so many awesome responses and we can’t wait to share them with you. Here are 9 things your business peers wish you knew about mentorship. 

1. Get a Mentor

“Mentorship is very important when it comes to business. Being a business owner and entrepreneur can be challenging. We, as entrepreneurs, can be supported with the right mentors by our side. We can also save time and learn many valuable lessons within our business mentorship! If you don’t have a mentor, I hope you find the right one for you and your business this quarter.”-Kimberly Sanon, Equipping Arrows Enterprise LLC

“It’s needed. There is always a mentor for someone no matter how high you are or how much money you make.  A mentor helps you see what you do, who you are and what you are capable of in a different perspective.”- Angela Bowen-Brazell, All About Black Business, LLC

“Mentorship means a lot. You can do anything by yourself but you definitely have to believe that God is there and it most definitely helps the process when you have great mentorship.”-Tezra Williams, Honey’s Babies Candles

“It works! Mentorship is highly recommended because it helps you see things from a different perspective.”– Latrisha Jackson, The Prevention Center, LLC

“Mentorship is a key factor in business success. Noone can go it alone. Many great writers on the subject of business always suggest finding a Mastermind group. A book that I repeatedly re-read is How to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.”-Chrisea Moring, CMA Funding LLC

“Mentorship is important, not knocking coaching but finding a genuine person who is willing to pour into you and your success is the best way to grow in your business.”- Nakia Whittaker-Woody, VA World Conference

2. Take Full Advantage of the Opportunity

“Take full advantage of the free resources, advice, and information that they provide. Make sure you take plenty of notes and ask plenty of questions. Always keep God first, pray, and be grateful for everything in your life. Thank them for their time, patience, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, dedication, consistency, focus, and persistence.”- Ta Vonda Brown, God’s Loving Arms Tax Consulting Services

3. Connection Matters 

“Make sure you connect with your mentor. It you don’t click, don’t waste your time.”- Kevin Rogers, Havmor-Global LLC

“Make sure you and your mentor have a great understanding and support ”- Shonquella Terrell, BeSHE inc

“Mentorship is needed! Whether you find a person that you can work with directly or many different people that you can connect with occasionally. Find those people that will give you the fuel to keep going. Find those individuals that will kick you in your ass when you need it. Finally,find those individuals that will keep it all the way 100 and not sugar coat anything. Whether it’s in your personal or professional life you need someone in your corner that you are able to call on in the time of need. A lot of us are building companies on our own back and feet with no help. It will only go so far till you hit a wall and need guidance. A mentor should be able to do that for you.”- Kourtney Perry, Privacy, LLC

4. Find Someone Who Believes in You

“I want other entrepreneurs to know that a mentorship is someone who speaks a life into you and that has your back in every way possible through encouragement, being an accountability partner and not sugar coating anything. Someone who believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.”– Cassandra Meskimen, BEAUTIFUL SOUL iby

“Find someone who believes in you. Someone who has been there and done the legwork and is willing to share his time to teach you so you don’t get lost in the pitfalls.”– Rebecka Vigus, Rebecka Vigus Enterprises

“Someone who will teach you all of the tools to succeed but most of all the person has to believe in you.  If they don’t believe in you they can’t help you.  I also think it is good to have more than one, one for personal stuff. The journey isn’t easy but it’s not impossible and be patient with yourself. You can do it, good luck!”– Edith Clayter, Deliberate Property Solutions

5. Criticism is Okay

“Be open to criticism.”-Kevin Rogers, Havmor-Global LLC

“Your mentor is a person you can connect with, feel comfortable with and you’re able to express yourself and able to absorb corrections in your own dreams and visions. Listen Learn and move in the direction your mentor is giving. Be teachable and realize it’s not personal, it’s for the betterment of your life. The mentor has the ability to cut like a knife because diamonds shine after they have been cut and buffed.”- Dr. Leshell Dennis, Absoluutely Flawless Women Inc

6. Stick With It

“Keep persistent, and keep pushing!”– Kevin Rogers, Havmor-Global LLC

7. Mentorship Saves You Time 

“It’s definitely the way to go when you desire to take quantum leaps in your business. Having a mentor gives you the blueprint with the short cuts. Why waste time, money, and energy trying to figure out something when you can work with a mentor has accelerated the process.”– Kim Bullock-Hennix, KBH Empowerment Enterprise

“It is vitally important. We always have more to learn! By speaking with experienced and knowledgeable persons, not only can we navigate entrepreneurship better but we can potentially avoid certain pitfalls and setbacks.”-Jeannine Gittens, Source Florida Direct LLC

“It can definitely give you a head start above all else, and save you from making a lot of mistakes. Listen to the mentors advice and take the cues from them. Listen closely, follow their directions to the T. Learn from their mistakes so you don’t make the same ones. Mistakes cost money.”-Monica Lockett, Refund Slayer

8. Not Every Mentor is Right For You

“It starts from being open about where you are, what you stand for. Not every mentor is right for you but the needed ones will feel just right. Have your pitch, give your pitch and you never know who will connect you to someone else.”-Lola Adeyemo, Immigrants in Corporate Inc.

“I know that newer entrepreneurs or those who haven’t invested in mentorship are on the edge wondering why they would trust one of these self-proclaimed gurus. You have that right to feel that way, and it will lead to you finding the right mentor and not someone out there who is out to take your money. Find testimonials, research them, find out their framework and see if they’re in a position that you’d want to be in as an entrepreneur. The right mentor can plunge you into the next phase of business because there are things you just don’t understand about finance, marketing, and systems yet. It’s all about finding the right mentor.”- Tiffany Garside, Tiffy G Writes – Email Marketing

9. Mentorship Makes a Difference 

“Mentoring makes a powerful difference and girls and women of all ages and backgrounds need positive role models to help them reach their full potential. Even in the workplace, they need examples of women who have overcome challenges but also those who are excelling in their fields. Because of the impact that my mentors had on me, I am now a mentoring advocate.”-Rasheda Williams, Empowered Flower Girl

Next Steps

Not only have we encouraged mentorship, but so have your peers. Regardless of where you are in your business, you can benefit from a mentor. Wondering where you can find a mentor, our community has mentioned finding a mentor in the following ways:

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