A Beginner’s Guide to Using Instagram for Your Business

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A Beginner’s Guide to Using Instagram for Your Business

Instagram is an amazing platform for businesses. Figuring out Instagram for business can help make money and get leads because your target audience i

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Instagram is an amazing platform for businesses. Figuring out Instagram for business can help make money and get leads because your target audience is already there.

In fact, six out of 10 Instagram users visit the app at least once a day, and around 81% of all Instagram users go on the platform specifically to research the products and services they need.

If you’re not using Instagram for business, you’re probably missing out. Many newbies fail to start using Instagram correctly the first time and then wonder why they’re not seeing results.

There are a few tips and tricks you can use to see results. However, there are still people wondering whether or not they should even get on Instagram.

Why You Should Use Instagram For Business

About 70% of US businesses are using Instagram so if you’re not on Instagram yet you’re in the minority. The reason companies opt for Instagram is because of all the benefits it can provide them. With Instagram’s thriving network, your business can grow considerably — even without a full-fledged marketing department. By dedicating some of your staff to manage your social media presence and maximize its storytelling capabilities can help you establish your brand and expand your customer base. Here’s how you can use Instagram for business.

How to Use Instagram for Business:

  1. Set Up Your Business Profile
  2. Craft Content With Branding in Mind
  3. Utilize hashtags
  4. Collaborate With Other Business
  5. Measure and Analyze Engagement

1. Set Up Your Business Profile

Having an Instagram business profile will allow you to accomplish more than you’d expect. Aside from providing potential customers with a good impression of your brand, your Instagram business profile can be the gateway for customers to visit your website, purchase your products, or book an appointment.

Download the Instagram application and set up an account with your email address or Facebook Business page. Afterward, go to ‘Settings’ and select “Switch To Business Account”. From there, you can add a username and profile picture as with any social media account but you can also add a bio, a link, and contact information about your business. This information helps you describe your brand and enable customers to reach out to you easily.

instagram for business

2. Craft Content With Branding in Mind

Once your account is live, you can begin posting different types of content. When creating content to post make sure you establish your brand’s visual identity. You do that by choosing a specific color palette, angle, photo style, and filter. Make sure to keep the look and voice of your brand consistent. That will make it easier for followers to identify your brand on their feeds.

Create a Google Doc with information about your brand such as colors, style, filters, and tones. Do that so whenever you outsource content creation your social media manager will be clear on what to do. It can also serve as a great reminder for you! The next step is to plan a content calendar. Be sure to include different types of content to keep your posts balanced and engaging. Post clear product images, company announcements, and holiday greetings. You can even use memes if they align with your brand. Mix up your posts so your feed isn’t monotonous.

Leveraging stories, Instagram Live, and Reels are a great way for many reasons. You can showcase behind-the-scenes moments and display user-generated content. Don’t be afraid to show customer reviews or testimonials for social proof.

3. Utilize hashtags

Instagram has gone through many changes since it was launched in 2010, but the hashtags have remained as the app’s primary search engine. Later suggests when using Instagram hashtags, there’s plenty of room to get creative. You can use a mix of branded hashtags (as in, your business name), campaign hashtags (for specific, short-term campaigns or promos you may have), and community hashtags (for keywords related to your industry and customer interests). Using a healthy combination of relevant, targeted hashtags is the best way to curate your content and let your business get discovered by new audiences.

hashtags for instagram

4. Collaborate with other businesses

Teaming up with a business that complements your own can greatly increase your exposure to your target audience. However, it’s not enough to have your business mentioned by another business; your audiences need to believe that the collaboration is meaningful, rather than just another marketing opportunity.

Cross-promoting on Instagram through special discounts, coupons, packages, giveaways, or competitions can keep the collaboration fun and exciting. For example, you can raffle a prize for followers who have liked, commented, and shared a certain number of posts for both businesses.

5. Measure and Analyze Engagement

Follower engagement is the backbone of Instagram’s success, and the platform makes it easy for brands to interact with their followers. Instagram also allows you to improve the quality of these interactions through their insights for business accounts. These detailed analytics let you track your content performance so you know which campaigns work best.

Instagram analytics can guide your marketing strategy by:

  • Showing you when your audience is most active
  • Which hashtags are effective
  • How many people have engaged with your posts

Measuring engagement ensures you can adapt to your audience’s needs, expand your reach, and keep up with the competition.

instagram for business


Instagram for business can look very daunting, especially if you’re just starting out. However, it’s best to just lay your foundation and follow these simple tips. Before you know it, you’ll be growing your following, building a community, and making profits.

Want more tips? Here are some more strategies you can start with.

Written by Ashley Charms

Blog updated June 3, 2023 at 12:37am EST.


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