How Can I Learn About Business? 6 Ways You Can Get Educated

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How Can I Learn About Business? 6 Ways You Can Get Educated

August is Back to School Month, and even though your school days may be behind you, learning never stops. As a small business owner or entrepreneur,

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August is Back to School Month, and even though your school days may be behind you, learning never stops. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, there is always something else to learn. There is a lot to learn about marketing, social media, customer service, your specific industry, funding, and other aspects of business.

The great news is that many resources exist for entrepreneurs to learn about business. Naturally, you will learn specific aspects of business through experience. You can also pursue a business degree from an accredited university if that’s important. 

Even with a business degree, you have to keep up with changing trends in business. Degree or not, there is value in learning from other industry experts and peers. Here are six places you can learn about business. 

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1. Podcasts

Podcasts are a fantastic way to learn about business. So many great business podcasts cover all aspects of a business.

The first step is going to your favorite podcast platforms, such as Google Podcast, Stitcher, or Anchor. Then search the keywords “business” or “marketing.” You’ll get so many different podcasts. You may have to listen to a few to find out which ones you find interesting. Don’t be afraid to ask your network for suggestions.

When finding a good podcast, make sure they hold your attention. If it can’t keep your attention, you won’t learn anything. 

Also, pay attention to how you feel after an episode. Did you feel like you learned something and can’t wait to put it into effect? Do you feel motivated and excited about your business after listening? That’s a good podcast. 

man and woman talking on a podcast

In addition to that, check out the podcast hosts. Look at their website and socials. You can often find additional resources there. You’ll also be able to verify their authority. 

If you’re looking for a business podcast tailored to small business owners, listen to She Boss Talk. We cover:

  • Funding opportunities
  • Relevant news stories 
  • Ways to increase income
  • Marketing 

In addition to that, we collaborate with entrepreneurs so they can share their stories and knowledge with our audience. 

2. Masterclasses

 If there is a specific topic you want to learn, consider purchasing a masterclass. Masterclasses are usually presentation videos with the instructor going through a topic in depth. Some of them come with notes or a workbook. 

Many entrepreneurs have created masterclasses for their audiences. If there is a specific entrepreneur you want to learn from, check out their website to see if they already offer a masterclass.

When choosing what masterclass to purchase, consider:

  • Testimonials
  • Value for money
  • Time commitment
  • Level of knowledge needed 
  • Whether or not you trust the company

If you’re interested in doing masterclasses, check out ours. We offer many masterclasses for our community. You can get masterclasses on:

Youtube Creators Masterclass Bundle

3. Courses 

Courses are a very popular way of gaining business knowledge. These are usually longer and more detailed than a masterclass. Courses often come with certificates you can display on your website, social media platform, or resume. 

Many platforms offer courses, both free and paid, such as 

  • LinkedIn
  • Skillshare
  • HubSpot
  • Semrush
  • Copyhackers

In addition, many entrepreneurs create and sell courses on platforms such as Podia, Kajabi, and Thinkific. If you want to know if a specific entrepreneur is offering courses, check out their website or social media platforms. 

Finally, you can check out your local college for business courses. 

Like masterclasses, you’ll need to research to determine if the course is worth your time and money. Not all courses are created equal. Ask around and look for social proof. 

4. Books

There are countless books written about business topics.

 You can grab a physical copy, an ebook, or an audiobook. Whatever topic you want to learn more about, search for the book at your local bookstore, library, or online store and start learning!

Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favorite books for business owners:

prayers for the boss babes cover

You can also ask your network for suggestions. You can even form a book club if your peers are up to it. That will motivate you to finish the books you pick and discuss them. That will further cement the lessons and valuable insights from the books. 

5. Blogs

Blogging is far from dead. Companies publish timely and relevant blog posts regularly tailored to their audience’s needs. 

Blogs are an excellent resource for people who desire who learn about business. If there is someone who teaches any aspect of business, chances are they have a blog you can check out. 

We’ve also published helpful guides for our audience wanting to learn more about business, such as: 


Newsletters are another great way to learn new things. Pick companies, blogs, or business influencers with valuable information and sign up for their mailing list. They will send you emails periodically with helpful resources. 

Our She Boss Gazette is a free monthly newsletter for all our subscribers. Each newsletter is themed and includes:

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If you’re not already receiving our newsletter, sign up here. 

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Next Steps 

There are several free and paid resources that will make you a better business owner. She Boss Talk and She Speaks Her Mind Blog is a great place to start learning about business as a small business owner. Our resources are beginner friendly and tailored especially for you. We’re proud to help you navigate the challenging yet rewarding road of entrepreneurship and business ownership. 


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