How to Increase Sales and Scale With Facebook Shops

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How to Increase Sales and Scale With Facebook Shops

We get many messages from business owners, such as: How do I make more money in my business? How do I pivot my business? What's out there? and How do

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We get many messages from business owners, such as: How do I make more money in my business? How do I pivot my business? What’s out there? and How do I make money online? We’ve already talked about getting funding for your business and ways to reach six figures. However, there is one method we hadn’t mentioned. Facebook Shops!

We’ll be talking about the rewards of selling on Facebook shops and how to leverage Facebook shops to increase your product sales and scale your business. But first, let’s talk about why Facebook is great for small business owners. 

Why Facebook is a Great Platform for Small Businesses

Maybe you’re still on the fence about leveraging Facebook Shops for your business. However, we believe it’s worth the time. 

First of all, chances are your target audience is on Facebook. Of course, you’ll have to do some market research for your individual business. However, Facebook has 2.8 billion active users who make purchases on the platform daily. 

Did you know that 15% of Facebook users used the social platform to look and shop for products in 2019?

In addition to that, 78% of US consumers made purchases through discoveries on Facebook in 2018.

Therefore, Facebook and Facebook Shops already have a willing and ready audience. 

The truth is other small business owners are seeing and reaping the benefits from Facebook. Around 90 million small business owners are utilizing Facebook right now. 

Since COVID, many brands like ours have a more engaged audience. That’s due to more people working remotely and spending more time on social media looking for products like yours. 

Facebook is also a great place to generate leads and foster a community. Even though sales are paramount, small businesses also have to master lead generation and community for sustainability. 

What are Facebook Shops?

Facebook launched Facebook Shops in 2020 for e-commerce businesses to sell their products directly from the platform. That means you can use Facebook to advertise AND sell your products. Shops are also available on Instagram.

Facebook describe their shop as, “your online storefront where people can browse, explore and purchase your products directly on Facebook and Instagram”

In other words, Facebook Shops is a platform where you can make direct sales. One of our favorite features of Facebook Shops is how convenient it is. Unfortunately, some business owners report low sales because they make it too hard for people to buy from them. The truth is consumers like convenience. By setting up Facebook Shop, your customers can easily browse and purchase on the platform. 

Another one of our favorite features is live shopping. Live shopping works because you go live, and your audience can buy in real-time. We love this because Facebook loves live video, and they will promote it to your audience and even accounts not in your audience. Therefore, being able to sell live is a huge asset.

Other key features according to Facebook are:

  • Free to use and accessible
  • Ability to choose which products to feature
  • Merchandise with product collections
  • Ability to customize your shops with your brand colors
  • Ability to provide customer support using WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct
  • Direct sales from the platform
  • Integration from other eCommerce platform

Therefore Facebook Shops are a great way for small businesses to showcase and sell their products without breaking the bank.

How Do I Set Up My Facebook Shop?

Setting up your Facebook Shop is simple. Facebook has a step-by-step guide that can help you set up, but we will summarize the process. 

laptop showing a webpage with products being sold similar to a Facebook shop

To use Facebook Shops, you’ll need a business Page. If you want to also show your shop on Instagram, you should convert your Instagram page to a business account. 

Once you’ve done that, go to your Facebook business Page and select “Commerce Manager”. Afterward, select “Create Your Shop.”. After clicking “Next,” you’ll be required to choose at least one payment method. You’ll then be prompted to select “Meta Business Manager” and your catalog. 

Tips for Making Money From Facebook Shops

There are a number of ways you can increase your sales and maximize the money you can make from Facebook Shops. We’ll discuss the promotion, taking advantage of the commerce manager, and collaboration. 

Promote Your Shop

Our first tip is to constantly share your page. One of the reasons why people complain about not making sales, whether it’s their Shop or otherwise, is because they’re not promoting enough. If people don’t know what you’re selling, they can’t buy from you. 

The trick is to be creative. That means:

  • Sharing your page on various different platforms, including email
  • Sharing individual items from your shop 
  • Promoting the link with good copy

We challenge you to promote your Shop at least once a week and see if your sales increase. 

In addition to that, make sure you keep your link handy for when potential customers message you. Potential customers will message you from time to time, whether on your personal or business page. You can tell them you have the product they’re looking for, share the link with them and outline the benefits. 

Finally, consider putting on a live shopping event like what we mentioned in the previous section. Live shopping events can entice your audience to shop, which increases your sales. 

Take Advantage of Commerce Manager

Commerce Manager is a tool you should definitely get familiar with if you want to increase sales and scale with Facebook Shops. With Commerce Manager, you can:

  • Manage products and collections
  • Build your brand 
  • Get valuable insights to help you reach more customers

Let’s zero in on the insights available to you. Commerce Manager can tell you your most popular product, the demographics of your shoppers, what product people are viewing, and other essential information. 

You can use this information in your marketing and sales strategy to maximize sales. 


Our last but favorite tip is collaborating with other people with Facebook Shops. When you collaborate with others, you can increase your products’ visibility and your chances of making sales. 

When looking for an entrepreneur or business to partner with, look at:

  • The price they’ll charge. You can expect to pay some money but make sure it’s cost-effective. 
  • Make sure they have an engaged audience. The more engaged audience they have, the better and more likely you’ll make sales. 
  • Their ability to market your product effectively. Make sure the people you’re partnering with know how to market and will take the time to market your products.

If you’re looking for someone to partner with who is cost-effective, has a big, engaged audience, and is a whiz at marketing, consider partnering with us. 

she boss talk facebook shop advertisement graphic that says get your product featured in our facebook shop sign up today

Our shop is for women by women and currently features products from women in our community and beyond. With the exponential growth of our Facebook community, which recently surpassed 20,000 followers, we have seen similar growth in the visits and checkouts related to products in our shop.

In addition to increasing your chances of making more sales, we can:

  • Increase your visibility and exposure by promoting to the thousands of people in our community.
  • Help market your products by including them in our shop and doing a promotional post. Remember, we’re a marketing company, so we know how to market your product.  
  • Save you money. Putting your products on shelves can cost up to $1,800/year with limited reach and zero promotion. Our cost is a fraction of the price (one-time payment of $250 for one year) and comes with BOTH reach and promotion.

If you’re ready to increase your visibility and your chances of making sales, sign up to be featured in our Facebook Shop!


Remember, there are many ways to make money on Facebook. Facebook Shops is just one way but it’s an awesome way to make money. Small businesses can showcase their products and have people buy them directly from Facebook. It’s both cost-effective and convenient. There are also many ways you can increase the likelihood of sales in your Facebook Shop. Our favorite way is through collaboration. If you’re looking for a Shop to collaborate with, consider teaming up with us at She Boss Talk.


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