How to Pivot For Change: Tips for the New Year and Beyond

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How to Pivot For Change: Tips for the New Year and Beyond

Our guest blogger today is Andria Hudson. She is the CEO of Andria S. Hudson Enterprises (aka ASH Enterprises), where they specialize in motivating,

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Our guest blogger today is Andria Hudson. She is the CEO of Andria S. Hudson Enterprises (aka ASH Enterprises), where they specialize in motivating, mentoring, and moving their clients for ministry and the marketplace. 

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!” Whether you’re celebrating at home privately with family, with a large party, or attending a religious service, this infamous countdown is heard worldwide at 11:59 pm on December 31st. 

When the clock hits midnight on January 1st, humankind has officially crossed over from the old year into a new year. It’s quite a miracle when you think about it; how one has the divine opportunity to start a new beginning in a wrinkle of time. One minute changes everything. 

That’s what I’ll be discussing; change. I’ll be discussing what change is, how to pivot for change and how to facilitate change in your life. 

What is Change?


It’s a word that many of us fear, while others are susceptible to the idea of changing. Change can be exciting, and change can be unsettling. Some of us would prefer to disassociate ourselves from changes regardless of the situation surrounding us. Why is change often viewed as an enemy rather than a friend? Implementing change requires responsibility and maturity. 

A new year will look different if you decide to conduct things differently in your life. Doing things differently requires change and a new way of thinking. New York Times best-selling author and speaker Joyce Meyer stated that where the mind goes, the man or the body will follow.

Let’s pause and look at our lives- spiritually, relationally, financially, and mentally. You are the total of your thoughts, and whether you’d like to admit it or not, a new year doesn’t automatically guarantee a new you. I frequently see social media posts saying, “this new year better treat me right.” Cute but inaccurate. 

You have the power to shift your year and not the other way around. Lifestyle changes are good such as eating healthier, exercising, drinking more water, etc. Yet, if we want 2023 to be a game-changing year, it will take pivots of change. 

How to Pivot For Change

What is a pivot? 

A pivot is described and defined as a usually marked change, an adjustment, or modification made to a product or service.

For example, our world experienced significant “pivots” in 2020 that will be remembered in history. Even though it was years ago, the lingering effects of these “pivots” or changes are still prevalent today. 

Change is Inevitable

We must acknowledge that change is happening with or without us. Some changes will happen beyond our control. Although we would love to halt the hands of time, we cannot. 

Aging will happen with or without your permission. However, accepting that some changes are inevitable is a significant pivot. As a life coach and spiritual mentor, I interact with women afraid of body changes. No one wants to see wrinkles or gray hairs when they emerge. Yet allowing the fear of uncontrollable change to control you can be detrimental. It’s best to accept what you cannot control and still pivot. Find the beauty in changes and keep a heart of gratitude that you’re alive to experience them.

As change happens, please, don’t forget about self-care. We must not neglect to feed ourselves. The more you give out, the more replenishing you need for your present and future.

In the new year, consider the following:

  • What are you putting in your eyes? Your ears? 
  • What’s stirring your soul?
  • What’s challenging your way of thinking?

How to Facilitate Change 

Yes, change is inevitable. However, there are ways you can bring about change. Change doesn’t just have to happen to you. 

Change and growth can take place in many ways. The books you read, the people you meet, and the conversations you listen to are all ways that impact you and can bring about change. Here are some tips for facilitating change in your life:

  1. Figure out what you want to change. Be honest with yourself. You can write these goals down or even make a vision board. 
  2. Figure out what steps you’ll have to make to facilitate these changes. How will you need to make adjustments or pivots for change? 
  3. Find resources you may need to facilitate these changes. You may need to find a mentor, do a course or read a book. 
  4. Give yourself grace. You deserve grace even if you’re not crushing your goals on your schedule. You should also continue to prioritize self-care while facilitating change. 


You cannot be afraid to embrace change, and you cannot be afraid to pivot when needed. Change is change, and it’s ready for you. 

About the Author 

Andria Hudson is the proud CEO of Andria S. Hudson Enterprises (aka ASH Enterprises). Her company motivates, mentors, and moves YOU for ministry and the marketplace. My business was birthed in 2013 through my first published book, “He Saved the Best for Last, which is still a best-seller today.

Since that book’s launch, ASH Enterprises has serviced over 1,000 women through mentorship, life coaching, webinars, symposiums, books, public speaking, and theatrical productions. They empower women to discover their purpose and live it without regret.

You can follow Andria on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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  • comment-avatar
    Rolonde Sanders 1 year ago

    This is a great read. Self care is key!!! We as women need to prioritize ourselves. If we are drained, we have nothing left to give.

    Thank you Andria for these gems!!!

  • comment-avatar

    Yes thank you for these gems that we women need to prioritize. First things first is so important such as ministry,family, business, and others or if we will be drained.I agree because I have experienced it myself. but now I am making a change thank you for your awesome advice on mentorship, coaching, webinars, books, public speaking, and production. Self-care is key!