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Meet Dr. Eurydice Moore

We are excited to spotlight an amazing She Boss, Dr. Eurydice Moore. She is one of the amazing women in She Boss Tribe, our membership community. She

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We are excited to spotlight an amazing She Boss, Dr. Eurydice Moore. She is one of the amazing women in She Boss Tribe, our membership community. She runs two businesses, a nonprofit which started in 2004, and a grant writing business, which was started in 2016. Eurydice has a great story to share. Here’s what Eurydice had to say.

What made you decide to join the She Boss Tribe Membership Community? 

A friend told me girrrl you need to follow that Shante at She Boss Talk, and I did. In addition, I followed her timely and on-point advice and reaped benefits. So, I thought well what would happen if I became a tribe member?

In just one week of joining Shante called a grant challenge, which gave me the opportunity to write grants and get paid.

The return on my $19.99 membership was a whopping 300% rate of return from the earnings of the membership fee. 

Also, prior to joining I received a Comcast marketing grant which resulted in 2 laptops and a tablet. 

After joining my revenues increased from following her advice from the show. The list goes on and on.

How has the She Boss Tribe Membership Community positively impacted your life or business? 

The She Boss Tribe Membership impacted my life because there is a sisterhood factor. I have been to other platforms and have NOT experienced the level of success that I am walking in. I like the membership because it’s motivational, business challenges are offered, and you can vent, and run ideas past a community. 

If one of you has questions you can ASK AND GET AN ANSWER. NO SCRIPT. 

I also have access to Ms. Shante and don’t have to go through gatekeepers and a ton of people if I want to talk to the head honcho.

Also, I enjoy my business relationship with Martine who hosts the community hour, and is available to respond to an email many times the SAME DAY. 

Excellent care and customer service.

What is your favorite perk of being a She Boss Tribe member? 

My favorite perk is the Lunch & Chat where I can have Shante ALL TO MYSELF. It is during this time I can pick her brain. LOL. Shante set aside this time to get to know people and make herself available and I cherish the time. 

How can potential members ensure they have the best She Boss Tribe experience? 

Stay engaged.

Try to tune in every day at least 3x a week. Also, don’t hesitant to ask questions and express concerns. Martine is a great person to bounce ideas off of and make great suggestions as well as Shante. And lastly, you get to work the program and take advantage of opportunities and the challenges that are presented.

Would you recommend the She Boss Tribe Membership Community to your peers? Why?

Yes. I would recommend She Boss to my peers because I benefited greatly before and after becoming a tribe member.

Every journey has its ups and downs. Can you tell us about a challenge you faced on your path to success and how you overcame it?

My challenges have been marketing/advertising and cash flow. I have listened to Shante’s advice and things are better and I am striving to get to where I want to be.

I didn’t even know that you are supposed to set financial goals. Yet I have in the past and present set academic, spiritual, and relationship goals. 

I didn’t know that I should set business financial goals. I learned that through Shante in one of our sessions. We were asked: how much do you want to make? Then she held a session for us to learn how to put together a million-dollar budget! 

Are you open to collaborations or networking with fellow members? If so, what kind of collaborations are you interested in? 

I am open to collaborating and networking with fellow members BUT not in grant writing service. 

I would like to teach entrepreneurship, that is my dream and passion. 

However I would only collaborate with an agreement and non-disclosure agreement. 

I have been burned several times but however, I will not let that deter or sour me. 

I truly believe that She Boss Tribe is a safe place to collaborate and there are like-minded people. 

What’s one piece of advice, strategy, or tip that you’ve found most valuable in your journey? How has it made a difference for you? 


I am a born-again Christian. My faith in God. I was raised by my maternal great-grandmother and grandmother. 

I was ‘sickly ‘ constantly sick and missed many days from school and had a learning disability. 

My report card would be filled with Unsatisfactory and Fair all the way to the 5th grade. My eyes tore up when I got my 5th-grade report card and I showed my great-grandmother and told her that I was tired of making bad grades. 

I was only promoted because of a doctor’s note.

 She told me something that changed my life forever and that was to go into my room and talk to God. I went into my room and talked to God and told him that I was tired of making bad grades and asked if he could PLEASE help me. 

Afterward I went outside to play and was later called into the house for dinner.

I got violently ill at the kitchen table and felt something pop in my head. The Lord was healing me. I went to the bathroom and passed a mass and after that would no longer get sick or miss school. 

My grades went from unsatisfactory and fair to good and excellent. I graduated from high school 12/170. I graduated with an Associate degree in Medical Laboratory Technology, a Bachelor’s degree in Health Arts, Masters in Human Services Administration, and Urban Education.

In addition I also graduated with 3 doctoral degrees in biblical studies, theology, and pastoral counseling. 

And just completed an advanced entrepreneurship certificate with Cornell University an Ivy League School. 

The kid who was too sick to learn and had a learning disability had begun to learn everything. You can read about my journey in the autobiography Riddy Ann Overcoming the ODDS.

Lastly, is there anyone in our community you’d like to express gratitude towards or recognize for their support?

Yes. I appreciate Shante and how she has a heart for women, and I was amazed by her personal journey and the things she suffered through but she did not abandon the mission that God gave her. I would like to thank Martine for excellent customer service, and her kindness. Also, shout out to Juanita and Gloria who respond to my posts and even give great suggestions.

How Eurydice Moore Can Help You

If you need help with nonprofit formation, take advantage of Dr. Eurydice Moore’s special. She is our resident nonprofit expert and she’s ready to help you achieve your goals. 

You can also check out her books and other resources.

Want to Join Our Community? 

If Eurydice has inspired you to seek out community, join our tribe!

The She Boss Tribe is open to all women in business. 

By joining our community you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Expand your network
  • Expand your knowledge and income
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Access mentorship and accountability partners
  • Discounts on our programs, merchandise, and events
  • Access special grant opportunities
  • Access to special member-only grant opportunities
  • Be the first to know about our programs and opportunities 

Join Eurydice and the other She Bosses today and start reaping the benefits.

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