‘The Best Financial Advice I’ve Ever Received Is..’|Financial Literacy Month

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‘The Best Financial Advice I’ve Ever Received Is..’|Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month and so will be sharing some financial tips with you. We hate the fact that people don’t talk about money. So we ask

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April is Financial Literacy Month and so will be sharing some financial tips with you. We hate the fact that people don’t talk about money. So we asked our network to share the best and worst financial advice they’ve ever gotten. We got so many responses and we’re excited to share them with you. Here are 19 pieces of good financial advice given to She Bosses just like you.

Disclaimer: Always seek advice from financial professionals. The information in this blog post should not be taken as financial advice. The information in this blog post is just for informational purposes.

1. Focus on Your Credit

  • “Keep your credit on point. Bad credit makes you struggle more. Denied Denied Denied!”-Marguerite Smith, Burgeon Life LLC
  • “The best advice I’ve ever received was on how to keep good credit. This is done by keeping low balances and credit limits on cards. Not opening new credit card accounts you don’t need. Using long-held accounts, and planning ahead. Also, keep in mind accounts stay on your credit report for up to seven years.”- Dawn Smith, Dawn Smith Credit Solutions, LLC
  • “Credit is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Financial literacy and investing are important as well. You will definitely have to invest time, and money into your business, if you want it to be successful. Don’t be afraid to talk about money, if you want to make any.”- Michelle Druitt, Ruby Ribbon 
  • To start building business credit using my EIN number rather than using my own personal credit.”- Sara McGruder, McGruder Management Services, LLC

2. Focus on Your Customers!

“Treat customers with respect and they will return.” –Tamula Luster, Greater SA Housecalls

3. Plan for the Future 

“Invest in cryptocurrencies, save money now for my children to attend college. Get life insurance.”- Sailanda Joseph, Sapphire Lux Enterprise

4. Invest

  • “Buy stock.”- Tirzha James, Sassy Gyrl Boutique
  • “My aunty said to put 200 in Bank every week from the check and to start investing in the stock market.”- Tenisha Henderson, G-Life House, LLC
  • To invest in cryptocurrency and learn a skill set of trading, NFT investment”- Andrea Berry, Andreas Cosmetology Continuing Education & more 
  • “The best financial advice received was to invest in my business, and to always sew seeds because the harvest is plentiful.”- Chantel Williams, Maxxtell Creations, LLC
  • “Work to learn, do not work for money. Spend wisely, always save for a rainy day.”- Maud Edmondson, Maud’s Beauty and Glam
  • “Like thinking out of the box, start investing out of the box.”-Maud Edmondson, Maud’s Beauty and Glam
  • “Invest in yourself. It has become the best financial advice I have ever received. What does that really mean? Take the time to do [a] self-inventory of your life to create the lifestyle you want. Not get rich quick. Lay down principles and follow them. Create a realistic budget and be mindful of your choices. It will become your passion.”-Tanay Colon, Confienza Fortune Inc.
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5. Look For Advice in the Right Places

“The best advice I received was from a business mentor who told our group to stop listening to people who have never accomplished what you are trying to do as to how you should handle your finances or business. It helped me look in the right places for advice, mentorship, and consultation, which sometimes means establishing multiple networks to get what I need and avoid the pitfalls of getting into conversations with ‘naysayers’”- Nicole Spencer, Jomazan

6. Never Give Up 

“[When] I’m listening to She Boss Talk,  she always says go out there [and look] for some finance for your business. Don’t [be] discouraged, you [might] not be the winner today but never give up”- Stephania Verna, Pinkylinkyboutique 

7. Use Faith

[The] best financial advice [I] received is to Activate Now Faith! Although faith without work is dead, having a plan and putting it into motion will drive you to great success financially. Faith is the engine and a plan activated is the power!”- Gloria Youmans, Elegant Touch of Beauty LLC

8. Stick With Your Prices

“Your prices are your prices. Don’t change them for anyone.”- Shakyra McCutchen, Georgia Native

9. Pay Your Credit Card Bill In Full

  • “The best [advice I] ever received was to always pay credit card bills off every month if possible.”- De’Dra Porter, L.A.L.A. * Leave A Legacy Always
  • “The best financial advice I have ever received was 1. Never ever co-sign for anyone. 2 Never leave a revolving balance on a credit card. I learned the hard way about credit cards, but now I understand how they work and I want to make sure to pay off the balance before the statement period ends. I have two credit cards and I make sure I have cash on hand to cover the balance and keep my utilization between 1-3%. [Now], I no longer make minimum monthly payments and it has saved me money and heartache.”- Alice Beverly, ARB Logistics LLC
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10. Serve Your Community 

“The best financial advice I’ve ever received is to always do your very best to serve the community. To always give back and to help the less fortunate.  And the community will open its arm and embrace you.”- Maria Francis, The KANE Clinic, LLC

11. Start Here and Now

“Start from where you stand and be diligent.”- Shannon Cutwright Brabham, Access Title Service

12. Wait

“To wait until about one to two years before actually applying for a business credit card.”- Kimberly Blade, Fairwaytruckin

13. Read

“The best advice I ever received was to read the Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki. It helped me really put where I wanted to be in the quadrant in focus and allow me to really make a plan to go from being a small business to a business.”- Marcia Boyer, Delaware Mobile Signings

14. Don’t Be Afraid of the Numbers! 

“Don’t be afraid of your business’ actual numbers.  Once you know what they say, you can see what is working vs. what is not.  You can see if you really have a business or nothing at all.  You may find you are making great money and spending some of this money on unnecessary things that are not growing your company.”-Precious Williams, Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC

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15. Pay Yourself First 

“Pay yourself first, no matter what. Expenses will always somehow get paid.”- Jannelle Blackwood, JusBeingCreative

16. Check-in Before a Purchase 

“From Susan Orman, on personal finances, she said to “ask yourself if it’s a need or a want.”  She was addressing unnecessary spending.  I often ask myself that when out shopping.  Also, paying myself out of my paychecks.”- Adriane Early, Spa On The Go, LLC

17. Work Out Your Business Expenses 

“Being a poultry farmer I was advised to raise chickens that I can manage with my financial expenses. For example, [I] was told to calculate the money I will spend on vaccines as well as the amount of feed that I will use till the chickens are ready [to] sell. All the feeders were also calculated so that when I start selling the chicken, [I] would see if [I] am making profits or losses.”-Khataza Chibambo, Nyachi Poultry Farm

18. Save 

  • “Save your money, make your money work for you.”-Stephanie Thomas, Bella Locs LLC
  • “The best financial advice [I received] was from grandmother. She shared with me how to prioritize my bills [before] spending money [for other things and] how to save for a rainy day.”- Gwendolyn Thompson, Creations Styling Salon.
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19. Use Someone Else’s Money!

“Never use your own money in business”-Busisiwe Loraine Khanya, Amanda Production

Next Steps 

Financial Literacy Month is all about learning more about your finances. Check out our other resources to help you financially: 


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    S.S. Christo 2 years ago

    “Stay faithful to God’s Principals in the midst of it all. Believe in yourself to begin again.” 4/21/2022@8:44 a.m. s.s.c.

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    Gloria Youmans 2 years ago

    Getting your financial legacy in order is the beginning of Great success! I am honored to have my advice chosen!

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    These are very valuable lessons from different entrepreneurs.I don’t believe in giving up. Let’s get more advice from financial experts and experiences. As you fall you get a new lesson for improvement on where you went wrong to better your next attempt.