Unleashing My Inner Legend By Hollie

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Unleashing My Inner Legend By Hollie

Unleashing My Inner Legend By Hollie Updated: Mar 24, 2020 Before 2010 I lead a life full of victim mentality and bad things happening to me. It was

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Unleashing My Inner Legend By Hollie

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Before 2010 I lead a life full of victim mentality and bad things happening to me. It was when I started Real Estate and was introduced to personal development that my life changed.

I want to share my story with the intention that you realize at the end of the day YOU are in control of the life you live by the habits and choices you make. We all have “flaws” and “weaknesses”, however, if we truly understand our shortcomings, we can learn to turn them into strengths.

Here’s my story…

I’ve always been an introvert and rebel for as far as I can remember.


When kids were going to high school parties, I would find myself escaping in the virtual world of Myspace.

There was something about being able to communicate with people without the awkward social settings. I taught myself how to read and write HTML so I could find a way to express my individuality outside the basic Myspace template. I obsessed over “pimping” out my Myspace page… – you know those profiles that had looped music in the background that couldn’t be paused? Those profiles with scrolling text and wicked backgrounds? That was my page.

And before long, my friends were asking me to pimp their pages, too. Needless to say, we had the most obnoxious profiles (and loved it). Not only did being an introvert caused me to learn HTML, but also it really helped me learn how to connect and communicate with people through social media.


When I was in school, I got suspended for fist fighting, in trouble for wearing shirts that said inappropriate things, and sent to the principal’s office for talking back to my teachers.

I gave people a run for their money so to speak. I also skipped A LOT of school and the list of the things I did to get myself in hot water goes on and on. In a way, it was impressive and scary all at the same time. I didn’t go to school for 2 full semesters, thinking there were more important things to do.

Finally, I got it together and went back after realizing I would more than likely end up a loser at the rate I was going. I was thankful for my counselor let me catch up and still remain in the same grade that I was in before I took my self-imposed “vacation”.


In May 2006 my life changed for the best. I had my son at the age of 17 and my world was rocked to say the absolute least. As you can imagine, I realized very quickly that I had to grow up fast and live life recklessly as the trouble maker that I had been for the prior few years It wasn’t easy, but family and friends made it a lot easier, and all the support from everyone really had a huge impact on me. To this day I am grateful to everyone who helped a child raise a child.

One of the most impactful moments in my life was when I would come home from the hospital with my newborn and find baby clothes and diapers on the front porch from complete strangers. This was the moment when I realized it was okay to accept help when you needed but, but always pay it forward when I can.

After high school, I started college and worked at a bank making $6.55/hour. I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to pay the bills. I decided to quit college and pursue a career to get on the fast track in life. Being in the banking industry, I quickly discovered the potential in the Real Estate Industry and got my real estate license.

Real Estate had awakened the entrepreneur in me. I used my self-taught tactics of HTML and Photoshop to create business cards, ads, flyers, YouTube videos, landing pages, etc. This was what I missed. The freedom to create and show my personality without corporate constraints.


It was just like I was back in high school. Soon after launching a podcast and co-founding a women’s group with over 3000+ members, I started having friends reach out to me asking if I could show them how I did it.

I launched The DIY Legend simply a guide to help other small business owners with structure in the creative world of their passion.

I’m now on a journey to help others unleash their own inner legend and guide them on the path of entrepreneurship with proven tactics methods and strategies through community mentorship.

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