We’re Giving Back This Holiday Season! And You Can Too!

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We’re Giving Back This Holiday Season! And You Can Too!

She Boss Talk | Dec 19, 2020 | 4 min read This year has been hard for so many of us. It may seem difficult to give back since some of us have lost

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She Boss Talk
| Dec 19, 2020 | 4 min read

This year has been hard for so many of us. It may seem difficult to give back since some of us have lost so much. However, there is so much you can do for your community this holiday season. Here are some ideas so you can join us in giving back this holiday season.

1. Donate Clothes You No Longer Wear

Chances are if you look in your closet right now, there is business attire that you don’t wear anymore. Consider donating it to another woman boss in your community. She may not have the funds to buy new clothes but needs to look her best in a world that’s super obsessed with appearance. If you don’t know anyone personally, consider posting it on your social media network and spreading it via word of mouth in your network.

Image of clothes donation

2. Give Away Some Free Coaching or Consulting Sessions

Of course, your expertise is valuable and you deserve to be paid for it but it may be a good idea to donate some of your expertise as a way of giving back. You could advertise it via social media or send the girl boss you have in mind a message. They’ll be so grateful and you’ll feel great watching them succeed thanks to you.

3. Mentor a Young Woman

Mentorship is so important in business. Do you know a high school student who is thinking about entrepreneurship or someone fresh out of college? Maybe they’re looking for a mentor as knowledgeable and great as you are. While this gift would extend way past the holiday season, it could be so fulfilling for you and her. Young girls in your community are looking up to you, don’t be afraid to pay it forward.

Image of young woman

4. Help Someone With Their Bills

If you were fortunate enough this year to have extra cash on hand, consider paying for someone’s bills. This could range from rent or even grocery. Many Americans are facing homelessness and hunger. This is true in other countries as well so if you can spare some money, do it.

5. Support the Small Businesses in Your Community

As you already know COVID-19 hit small businesses really hard this year and many of them will have to close. When shopping for Christmas gifts and or daily necessities, consider buying them from local small businesses. The business owners will appreciate it and you could get some really great stuff.

Holiday Giveaway

As we said before, we know it’s been rough this year for many business owners. It’s been particularly hard on a lot of us, especially minority female business owners. That’s why, at She Boss Talk, we want to give back to our community. This holiday season, we’re giving back this holiday season by giving away gift certificates. You can use it either to develop your business or for self-care. The choice is yours!

There are many ways to enter, here’s how:

1. Check Your Email

Two lucky persons who have joined our email mailing list will have the chance to win a $100 gift certificate each. All you have to do is join our email list, refer a friend to join our email list, and tell us why you deserve to win. If you scroll down, you’ll see the subscriber form to join our mailing list.

2. Follow Us On Facebook

If you’re not already following She Boss Talk on Facebook then you’re definitely missing out. Over on our Facebook page, you can win a $100 gift card by following us, commenting on who you nominate to win the gift card (it can be yourself), and sharing the post on your Facebook stories. Don’t forget to tag us.

Image of the She Shop $50 Giveaway.

While you’re on Facebook, head on over to The She Shop’s Facebook page and follow us there for a chance to win $50 in free merch! All you have to do is like our Facebook page, follow us over on Instagram, like this post on Facebook, and comment below the post to tell us why would you like to rock our merch. Don’t forget to tag 3 friends in the comment section so that they can have a chance to win too and to complete your entry.

3. Connect With Us on Instagram

Stop what you’re doing right now and head on over to Instagram and follow She Boss Talk. We’re giving our Instagram followers the chance to win a $100 gift certificate. Comment under this post nominating yourself or someone else who you think deserves the gift certificate. Don’t forget to tell us why you or someone else deserve the gift certificate. When you’re done, share the post to your story and tag us, that’s it!

Image of $100 Gift Card Giveaway.

But wait, there is more! Head on over to The She Shop’s Instagram page, follow us there, and like this post. Comment under that post and tell us why you would like to rock our merch. Don’t forget to tag 3 friends in the comments. Finally, to complete your entry, like us on Facebook.

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Feeling lucky? Head on over to The She Shop and pick out what you want for when you win the free merch.

4. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

Head on over to YouTube and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a chance to win a $100 gift card! You can check out how to enter that giveaway by watching our YouTube video.

Don’t forget: The cut-off date to enter is December 23rd but don’t wait, enter now!

Don’t forget to follow us on all of your socials for more opportunities like this in the future. We hope that you’ll be able to spread cheer this holiday season and we hope we can do that for our community as well.


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