What Does a Business Mentor Do?

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What Does a Business Mentor Do?

You have probably heard over and over again how important mentorship is for business owners and entrepreneurs. But if you’re new to the world of ment

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You have probably heard over and over again how important mentorship is for business owners and entrepreneurs. But if you’re new to the world of mentorship, you may be wondering about the role of a business mentor. That’s why for National Mentorship Month, we asked our community to tell us about their mentors and how a mentor helped them in their business journey, effectively answering the question: What does a business mentor do?

1. Give Business Advice and Strategy

“My business mentor’s name is Maria Hall. Maria Hall helped me a lot with my business, we talked about God, prayer, business, and family. We would meet for about an hour via Zoom 

We talked about my business structure, business address, business email, needing to own your domain, business insurance, and trademarks. Maria Hall stated that I should attend business meetings, business seminars, and conferences to network and meet different people in different industries; but Maria Hall stated after a while, I need to get out there and just do it and work on my business. Thank you, Jesus”– Ta Vonda Brown, God’s Loving Arms Tax Consulting Services

“Jereshia Hawk has been one of my business mentors and she has been the most impactful to date. Back in 2020 I took her program, Services That Sell and it totally changed my mindset and business – even to this day. She taught a few core principles, scaling with simplicity, batching content to seem omnipresent, and finding your ideal client using market research to verify your offers.”-Tiffany Garside, Tiffy G Writes – Email Marketing

“Shonda Love, Association of Black Tax Professionals. Not only is she a friend of mine. She helped me and others to set up our tax prep businesses. I started off as a friend and customer, now I’m preparing taxes too!”– Monica Lockett, Refund Slayer

2. Help You Network 

“When I returned to the US after 20 years away, (college, military, contractor for overseas, and having a business overseas), I no longer had a pulse of New York or the country for that matter. One day, there was a little event going on in the park. There was a woman standing there talking with her friend. I walked up and introduced myself and we seemed to hit it off. I told her I just didn’t know the city anymore and that I was having difficulty getting what I needed. She wrote down her number and I called a couple days later. That was the best call I ever made.

Her name is Mercedes Crossfield, and she is the owner of Helium Image in NYC. Anyway, after that call, she just took me under her wing and called me for every networking event possible. The thing is, I never told her about my book. Turbulent Collusion. So, she is talking and suggested events to attend, and she was there as well. She would introduce me to people.” -Kevin Rogers, Havmor-Global LLC

3. Build Your Self Esteem 

“My business mentor is Nicole Blackmon. Nicole Blackmon is the founder and CEO of Strategic Image Consulting, LLC. Nicole has helped me tremendously in my business. She helped me to build up my self-esteem as a business owner and taught me how to pay attention to the details of my business. She walked me through how to write my policies page for my business and more! I thank Jesus for my business mentor, Nicole! And I’m grateful that our paths have crossed!” – Kimberly Sanon, Equipping Arrows Enterprise LLC

“Regina Renaye Kinney was my mentor when I first started my business 4 years ago. She nurtured my eagerness, pushed my boundaries, and educated me to know how my industry works after translating my career skills into a virtual business. I owe my confidence and willingness to mentor others all to her.”-Nakia Whittaker-Woody, VA World Conference

4. Share Valuable Resources 

“My business mentor is Verizon Small Digital Ready. They have helped me on my business journey in multiple ways. One very important way of having a learning plan is making sure I’m inside and gaining knowledge to succeed in my business, for example offering key resources like free online courses, expert coaching, peer networking, grant opportunities, incentives, teaching community working together and connecting to share opportunity, knowledge, and insights. I have completed several courses that granted me an opportunity to apply for grants. Also part of their learning plan that is big is learning selling power with the story, knowing numbers to make money, and keeping good credit. This has made a big impact on my business.”- Wanda Bryant, Wanda Bryant LLC

Editor’s Note: The Verizon Small Digital Ready program offers mentorship opportunities, 1:1 support, and group coaching. 

“Kary Oberbrunner is my mentor/coach. He has offered me several courses and become my publisher. I have also attended his conferences in person and virtual.”-Rebecka Vigus, Rebecka Vigus Enterprises

5. Provide Insight

“My business mentor(s) has been a combination of a variety of successful businesswomen and failures along my entrepreneurial journey. But I guess my best friend, Dr. Loretta Hill, who has owned several businesses throughout our 44-year friendship has taught me most lessons about being in business, stepping out on faith, and understanding the psychology of understanding people of how they perceive you and seeing the service you offer.    

She taught me that just because people are your “Friend” doesn’t always mean they will be a customer/clients/patrons of your goods and services.  Even if what you offer is a custom fit.  But never ever burn bridges just be aware of how you walk across them.  

She encouraged me to step out on faith and begin my “official” walk in the entrepreneur arena. To let what I learned as an executive in the sales and marketing field for another fortune 500 company be a guide to help other small business owners who are sometimes overlooked by big media but have so much to offer to the communities they serve.”– Angela Bowen-Brazell, All About Black Business, LLC

6. Give Constructive Criticism 

“Once I learned what it meant to have a mentor I started to look for one. I became a member of Raleigh Champer’s first in search of a mentor. Shanita Robinson was my first lead, she gave me the information I needed to send me on my journey. Yes of course  I did ask her to be my mentor because there is no shame in my game when I am a very persistent woman. She had other power moves and when she had time she would be a great mentor. Then, as I was on my way I met Dr. Rita Gibson, she inspired me and she gave me constructive criticism which inspired me even more. I watched her grow and as she kept me under her left wing I started to grow too. Now, we are going together!”-Shonquella Terrell, BeSHE inc

7. Inspire You

“My business  mentor is LaBrina Starks -Williams, she is the one that inspired me to make my hobby and dream a reality.So I started reading and learning steps I  needed to launch my business.She is very helpful and resourceful even today.”- Dorothy Debase, D’Sha Company LLC.

“My business and life mentor is Teresita Harris. A relationship that started in 2002, which has seen us both experience successes, losses, pivotal life changes, geographical shifts, etc., is still strong and blossoming in 2023. As a seasoned entrepreneur and owner of multiple versatile businesses, Teresita took me under her wing and gave me definitive strategies to help me become a better entrepreneur.

What I appreciated is that she not only showed me how she attained levels of success but shared some of the missteps and urged me to avoid the same. She not only shares valuable business tools for success, but as a pastor, she also inspires me daily to rely on unwavering faith and prayer as I move forward with new goals. Today, I am co-owner of several small businesses and am also a published author and Realtor. I believe in giving honor to those who are here to receive it. Today I want to honor Teresita Harris for being one of the gems of my life!”-Jeannine Gittens, Source Florida Direct LLC

8. Give You a Different Perspective

“Trina House is my business mentor and life mentor. She is my boss, my sister, and my best friend. She has taught me so much about how you have to have compassion when you are running a business. Trina continues to teach me how to use my words effectively. Sometimes I do not understand the tone of words but she is an awesome teacher. Trina has a laid-back professional style that I adore. She is very approachable and super smart. Trina has helped me on my journey by being my inspiration. She builds me up even though I do not see what she sees in me. Trina is a blessing.”- Latrisha Jackson, The Prevention Center, LLC

“My business mentoring story started when I was 13 years old. Believe it or not, 30 years ago, the impact that Sandra Clemens had on my life has continued to this day. Sandra instilled integrity, professionalism and pride in work. She was my first supervisor and I will never forget her impact. She was the first female executive that I had met and she totally defied the stereotypes that I had about corporate professionals. In addition to that, she was down-to-earth, had a sense of humor while being powerful and intelligent. That changed my mind about the way I viewed upper-level management but more importantly, she gave me a great example of female leadership. This has helped me in my personal and professional career and in business.”- Rasheda Williams, Empowered Flower Girl

9. Root for You

“Devyn Roberts from Business Credit Devyn is my mentor. Ms Roberts from the time that I have known her she has superseded my expectations in her own business.  The example has been set by her allowing me to see the tireless efforts in which she used to succeed.She was always rooting for me and no matter what I have gone through or was going through. Her example has made me think nothing is impossible. There to listen and give me advice.To the mentees seek out someone who will give you a little of their time, when you really need it. If they don’t they can’t help you know you have to become successful alone.”-Edith Clayter, Deliberate Property Solutions

10. Share Knowledge 

“Suresh Kanaan is my mentor. He guides me and shares his knowledge of starting up a business. He is through SCORE. So far, I am still seeking funding so I can’t speak about how I made it through the start-up process. I do see mentors as an invaluable asset going forward.”-Lourdes Salnas, Alternative Housing Alliance

11. Guide You Over Hurdles 

“I have had several mentors. My first mentor was a SCORE/SBA mentor. His name was Jonathan. He was able to provide me with a lot of technical business strategies. I highly recommend SCORE as a free source for a mentor. 

But my most enthralling and spiritual mentoring experience came from my psychotherapist.  As a businesswoman herself (she started her own practice roughly six years ago), she was able to guide me over hurdles that would have otherwise discouraged me in my entrepreneurial journey. She shared her insight into being a woman entrepreneur. She officially has a financial mentoring program with her business partner.”-Chrisea Moring, CMA Funding LLC

12. Fuel Your Mind 

“Most people just have one mentor that they meet with on a regular basis to discuss their goals. Well, mine is a little different. I have several different mentors that I see and meet with monthly, yearly, or occasionally. As I ventured off to become an entrepreneur I was faced with creating a circle of people that would fuel my mind, give me criticism feedback, introduce me to high-level executives, and more. These women and men have paved a path for themselves combating many different obstacles to get to where they are today. Many I met long before building my own company, while I was an employee in the corporate world.

For the past 4 years, I have shown who I am and I am thankful to be able to say that it was because of these individuals that I am where I am today. They have provided me and others with the ability to sit in rooms that we never may have thought we would be in. The majority of my business comes from recommendations. Whether it is an event that needs to be organized or giving a gift to over 400 people, my name is listed and business comes my way. I am grateful! 

To name a few, here is a list of names and their business:

  • Angela Jackson – The Great Frame Up
  • Lindsey White – Lady Like Empowerment
  • Teree Caldwell-Johnson – Oakridge Neighborhood
  • Dwana Bradley – Urban Media Magazine 
  • Rob Johnson – Reverend
  • Darrin Lyons – Master Barbe/Author
  • Terrence Thames – Cocoa Creative
  • Kourtney Perry, Privacy, LLC

13. Strengthen Your Skills 

“Dr Cheryl Woods has helped my speaking career tremendously. I’ve developed my speaking skills and learned how to dominate in the speaking industry.”-Kim Bullock-Hennix, KBH Empowerment Enterprise

14. Brainstorm With You

“Uday Gupta has been supportive in person as well as available to brainstorm and review offers that I was excited about and would have jumped on. With the experience and expertise in the non profit space the guidance to evaluate offers has helped me slow down and identify my two main goals for 2023 instead of trying to do many things.”– Lola Adeyemo, Immigrants in Corporate Inc.

What Does a Business Mentor Do?

If you’ve ever wondered what a business mentor does, our community answered! Your business mentor can:

  • Give you business advice and strategies 
  • Help you network
  • Build your self-esteem
  • Share valuable resources
  • Provide insight
  • Give constructive criticism
  • Inspire you
  • Give you a different perspective
  • Root for you
  • Share knowledge
  • Guide you over hurdles
  • Fuel your mind
  • Strengthen your skills
  • Brainstorm with you


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    This was very helpful as I didn’t know that a mentor did all that was mentioned above but I do have a question… How does one go about finding a mentor or approaching someone about mentoring them?? I definitely need and want to gain all needed insights from someone who is versed and experienced in retail entrepreneurship and ecommerce retail but unsure of where to start. All information is greatly appreciated.

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      Thank you so much for allowing me to share my story. I have read everybody’s story; most of them are similar in great things about business mentorship. I love it! Once again I appreciate the opportunity for She Boss Talk to share my story.

      Shonquella Terrell

  • comment-avatar

    Thank you so much for allowing me to share my story. I have read everybody’s story; most of them are similar in great things about business mentorship. I love it! Once again I appreciate the opportunity for She Boss Talk to share my story.

    Shonquella Terrell