Why You Should Tap into the Power of Content Repurposing

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Why You Should Tap into the Power of Content Repurposing

If you have not outsourced your content creation efforts, then chances are social media marketing feels overwhelming for you. As a small business own

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If you have not outsourced your content creation efforts, then chances are social media marketing feels overwhelming for you. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you’ve put in countless hours in creating and posting content. Eventually, you get burned out and stop posting as much on your socials. However, when done right, content creation can increase your brand awareness, generate leads and result in sales. In addition to creating valuable content, you have to be consistent. Fortunately, we know just how you can keep consistent and be less overwhelmed with your content creation. The answer is content repurposing. Here’s everything you need to know. 

What is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing means taking content you already made and altering it to meet your goals or simply expanding its reach.

For example, if you made a YouTube video, you can repurpose it by:

  • Creating snippets and publishing them as a YouTube Short, TikTok, Instagram Reel, Facebook video, or on any other video platform. 
  • Write emails consisting of one or two points from the video.
  • Create short-form content such as tweets and Facebook posts from points made in the video.
  • Write a blog post consisting of the main points in the video.
  • Write an email promoting the video. 

As you can see, you can take one piece of content and remix it in many different ways. However, the key is making sure the content is appropriate for the platform.

For example, long-form posts may not do well on Twitter but they may be perfect for LinkedIn.

How Does Content Repurposing Help Me?

Content repurposing can help you in so many different ways. It can help you:

  • Save time
  • Introduce your content to a new audience 
  • Get an SEO boost

Save time

You save a ton of time creating content if you’re good at repurposing content. 

When you’re creating content from scratch you spend time coming up with the idea and then you have to create the content which can take hours. 

With content repurposing, the original piece of content is already done. 

Even if you’re creating new content from the original, most of the work is done and so it’s not as time-consuming.

For example, if you created a podcast episode or a YouTube video, you can turn this into a blog post using transcription software to give you the script. You can also take the same script to create short-form content that you can post on various platforms. 

You save precious time trying to think of new content. 

In addition to that, we all know creating content can be time-consuming. With the content already created, you’ll be able to show up more consistently on your various platforms. 

Introduce your content to a new audience 

People discover your content and brand in different ways. Someone may stumble across your blog post, YouTube video, or your Instagram account.

However, chances are your audience doesn’t follow you on every single platform. That’s why repurposing content from one platform and getting a fresh set of eyes on it on another platform is a great way to provide value to all of your audience.

For example, you can take a Facebook post you made, screenshot it and post it on Instagram. Your Instagram followers who may not have been following you on Facebook get value from your Facebook post on another platform. 

Get an SEO boost

Search engine optimization (SEO)  can help you get visible on the search engine results page which can help you bring in new leads and sales.

According to a Content Development article on LinkedIn, repurposing content can boost SEO by helping you:

  • Target different keywords and rank for more search queries
  • Generate social shares and backlinks by reaching new audiences and platforms
  • Decrease your bounce rate 

Content Repurposing Tips 

There is a way to repurpose content effectively. Here are some of our tips for achieving that:

  • Focus on creating evergreen content. This kind of content is valuable and can be repurposed over and over again.
  • Ensure the content is appropriate for the platform you want to host it. For example, you can’t just copy and paste a transcript of a YouTube video and use it as a blog. You need to:
    • Add headings
    • Remove filler words
    • Make sure paragraphs are short
    • Adjust sentence structures
    • Write an effective introduction and conclusion
  • Find creative ways to repurpose your content. You can look at what your peers are doing to get ideas. For example, you can create infographics, ebooks, and so much more from your content. 
  • Remember to update your content with new and fresh information regularly. 
  • Use trending keywords and topics to help you decide what content to repurpose and when. 

Next Steps 

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, learning the skill of content repurposing can provide you with tons of benefits. Some of the benefits of content repurposing include saving time, introducing your content to a new audience, and getting an SEO boost. 

If you need help with content repurposing, check out our 5-day content repurposing challenge on our membership platform. We chatted with experts and have an ebook that can help you start repurposing your content effectively right away. You can cancel your membership at any time but we hope you stay because we have tons in store for you. 


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